What did you pay for your '05 Mustang?

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  1. I read a few posts about dealers price gouging and others that got a great deal. Please list your options (deluxe, premium, interior upgrade, Shaker 1000, etc.) and your total purchase price before T,T, & T.
  2. For car description see below. Im getting mine on D plan, 25901

    The car has yet to arrive, 3 days late and counting.

    Premium 05 GT
    Sonic Blue
    5 sp Auto
    Charcoal Leather, with IUP
    Active AntiTheft System
    Shaker 1000
    Bullitt wheels
    Build Date 9-17-04
    ETA 10-14-04
  3. I got a good price.

    I ordered a GT Deluxe, with just the interior upgrade package, and am paying $25,495, which is MSRP. I was happy with that, seeing as I have heard of other paying more than this. Most dealers were charging $1500 over MSRP. Hope this helps you.

  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping to get a GT deluxe with the IUP and the Shaker 1000 as my only upgrades. I came up with $24,716 using the Buyer's Offer Spreadsheet on CarBuyingTips.com and the pricing sheet I found on Brad's site. I haven't talked price with any dealers yet as I'm waiting for a test drive first. Only one '05 GT made it to a local lot and it sold within hours. It's looks like I may have to wait a while to get the deal I want.
  5. A Plan:
    Black GT Premium
    Dark Charcoal Lthr
    Int Upgrade Pkg
    Actve Anti-thft
    rear spoiler
    17" Brt Machind wheel upgrd
    shaker 500
  6. Excellent deal! I wish I could get "any" plan.
  7. 2005 GT

    I ordered mine through the military overseas sales program. Got a GT, with leather, IUP, shaker 1000, upgraded wheels, 5 speed, side airbags, alarm. ect, will be paying $27,295.00. Delivery in Dec. MSRP $29,921.00 not too bad, just over invoice. Not a bad perk for deploying to Iraq for a year. :cheers:
  8. Too bad AAFES doesn't have a program here in the states. I'm sure there's a law preventing them from doing so, otherwise I think they would.
  9. I ordered a...
    V6 premium
    Manual transmission
    exterior sport appearance
    Active anti theft
    ABS, side airbags
    locking lugs
    leather interior

    invoice price: $20,987
    -$500 AQHA member
    -$100 internet special
    Total: $20,887
  10. mine is a premium with ainti theft shaker 1000 wheel locks manual and upgraded wheels basicallly every option icould order except automatic msrp is close to 30,000 but i have bought cars since 1982 from deal and am getting for cost plus $250 witch is about 27,000
  11. well i havent gotten ours yet! but i just checked the ford dealer where we know the fleet manager and YAY to my dismay they have a black/at/gt waiting =) i dont kow msrp but most likely i dont need it,we might just get it loaded to the teeth with options and trade in the SC(430) for it! wooo! :banana: or we may just buy it flat out....but that would mean no more space in the already tight garage =(
  12. I was offered an internet pre-order discount of 1k from a local dealer, or he said i could take 500 bucks off anything that they have on the lot. Would you consider the 1k discount a good deal or should i wait till april/may for larger discounts?
  13. The price for a new 05 GT in the NL

    is currently USD 61,750. I don't want to hear any of you whine about getting price gouged because the dealer wants $30,000 for a fully loaded GT. Here in Europe, I would not say I am getting gouged as much as I am getting flipped over and done dry.
  14. Joe Trev, that's what I got... 1k off MSRP which isn't to bad, considering the markup everyone is talking about.

    /edit PS look at my garage for my order
  15. I ordered mine for $50 over dealer inv plus 179 admin fee. not bad thats a little over $2k off msrp
  16. yea for now the 1k discount seems good, but im wondering when they will start giving rebates on the 05 model.
  17. I don't think you will see any rebates on the 05 Mustang, even when the 06's are due out for production. These will be to hot of cars and dealers won't have a problem selling them without a rebate
  18. Not a bad perk? For deploying to Iraq, they should give you one for nothing!
    My hats off to all men and women who serve!
  19. A lot of new members here. Welcome! I noticed some people buying over the internet. What are some good sites to start with? I've got to believe that Ford will have a rebate sometime within the next 6-8 months for this car. How long did it take for Mustang rebates after the '04 release?
  20. Try Edmonds.com to build and find a dealer.
    You can also look at fordvehicles.com