What did you pay for your '05 Mustang?

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  1. what did pay for your 05 mustang?

    z plan $24142 -$1000 cash back $23142 Atlanta dealer.MSRP was $27280
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    Ordered my Premium GT Windveil Blue w/ lt graphite int. 10/2... IUP, side air bags, spoiler delete, locking hubs, security cost me $24,878.55 plus TTL- got GM sales manager signature also

    Sounds like you had a "plan".

    Shelby Man- sorry no plan.. told dealer if he wanted to sell me a car he would have to do better than invoice since that is what I had been quoted- and he did $500 better than invoice (dealer invoice after holdback)
  3. Anyone else getting good deals lately?
  4. I paid 27,600 which is MSRP but added a 7/60k extended waranty ( which is a must on a FORD ) and lojack early warning system which put me at 29.
  5. Well, since my local dealer is only asking 3K over MSRP, and the dealer where I used to live a)Doesn't mark up the cars, and b) Is willing to order me an 05 for X-Plan, I'm going to go to my local dealer (they happen to have the exact color and option combo I'm looking for) and let them know that I'll buy from them if they'll do X-Plan. The car has been sitting for almost a week, so I've got a feeling they might. Plus, my buddy just spent 40K on a F250 Diesel there :D

    Oh, btw... White Premium GT, Manual, spoiler delete, every option except Shaker 1K.. MSRP is 27.6K, X-Plan is 25.6K.
  6. V6 premium

    V6 premium, "Legend Lime"...gotta love it!
    - Auto
    - Black Leather (looks GREAT with the throwback green!!!!)
    - Interior upgrade pkge
    - ABS/Traction control
    - 16" machined aluminum w/spinners (stndrd)
    - Shaker 500 (stndrd)

    ---$20,363 (A/Z plan price...sticker was 23K+)

    Salesman commented that their ownership would NEVER charge over MSRP on any vehicle. They believe gouging a customer won't bring in repeat business...and I of course, agreed.

    This was an impulse buy... actually went to dealer to look at an Escape. This puppy was sitting next to a couple of '04's...and I really think the differences are a lot more subtle than you might realize. But yet... the design is a perfect tweak. These cars are so clean looking!!!!

    Lots of stares and slow passers-by all weekend. One guy in an F150 nearly rear ended another vehicle at high speed cause he was staring so hard.
    I'm sure it will stay that way for a few months 'till more hit the road, and eventually wear off completely. But no matter how many others are out there, I'll be enjoying stepping into this new classic for a long time to come!!!!!

  7. Sounds great! Now that I think of it, that color combo does sound pretty cool. I'm still holding out myself. All of the dealers in my area still want 1-3k over sticker. At this point I'm considering rebuilding my current car. I'd like to get it in the 400 rwhp range. If I can't get a new GT then I'll just beat'em!
  8. Just saw this thread, I'm new here, waiting for my GT, auto, 17" bright wheels, active anti-theft, int upgrade, shaker 500 for $28,900. That included delivery to England, light conversion, customs processing, the works. No tax to be paid (gotta love the military!), and yes, they do give the $1,000 rebate - I got it! Should be in my driveway 90 miles north of London in 3 weeks -
  9. What's the $1,000 rebate?
  10. Well, I didn't do so good I guess. I ordered Oct 22nd and will be receiving my car around Nov.21st. Silver GT Premium w/ Charcoal, IUP, Bright wheels, 5-speed, side bags: Price----$27,345 plus $299.00 doc, plus $1935.08 tax, plus $18 title, plus $3 GWRA, for a grand total $29,600.08!! I have been keeping up with prices and most of the dealers are MSRP- PLUS around here for stock inventory. MSRP available if you order, but wait times are anywhere from 3-9 months!!! My story goes: Went to dealer in the summer poking around for info. on this new Mustang, none available but will let me know. I got a call in Sept. that they had some literature for me-cool! I went and after reading at the dealer I said, "Give me a call when you get a Silver w/Charcoal in stock". Oct.20: I got called-Silver w/Charcoal in stock, come see! I went, saw, asked how much: MSRP. Cool-sign me up. Went through the paperwork w/ salesman and he presented to GM....car is sold already and I can't buy it-will call if it falls through. It didn't fall through. I was heartbroken. Next day I went and ordered one for same price, this is AFTER I called around the SOUTHEAST looking for one to no avail and being told $2000-$5000 OVER MSRP!!! I felt like MSRP was a good deal at this point in time and went for it.
    I'm o.k. with my price as long as I am getting mine a good bit earlier than most folks, but if I find out people are getting them around the same time or let's say by Januaury for lower than MSRP, I will feel like a made a very poor purchase. I really need to replace my vehicle before the warranty runs out (w/in 3000 miles) or my value will probably drop another $2000 according to some dealer friends of mine. I guess you gotta Pay-2-Play :shrug: I just want my Mustang...and I want it N.O.W. :bang: :bang: :bang:
  11. 26,630 out the door tax/license/options incldd
    yellow gt 5spd
    no special plan, just msrp and not having a desire for red leather or a shaker system (gonna put in my own)
  12. Im paying MSRP, whch is right around $28k I think. Mine is a '05 GT premium, interior upgrade package, accent package, alarm, Shaker 1000, Mineral gray paint.
  13. Torch Red GT Premium 5-speed manual

    Active Anti-Theft System
    Interior Color Accent Pkg
    Interior Upgrade Package
    Front Seat Side Airbags

    I searched the online inventories of all dealers in the Pittsburgh area, and most of them had not received their GT orders (as of 4 November). The few that were available did not have the options that I wanted (all were automatics, no airbags, no interior packages, etc.) I found a small dealer in a tiny Ohio farming town that had exactly what I wanted in stock, so I drove the 50 miles & was glad to pay $380 under sticker. Not a great deal, but not terrible.
  14. Got mine under d-plan price, $24900. Premium GT, leather, IUP, upgrade wheels, MT, Shaker 1000. Have also bought 20's for it!!
  15. At least some people are getting good deals. I believe there is a thread stating that someone on Ebay paid $38k for a new 2005! That's about 10k over the sticker! I'm starting to see more and more 05's on the street in my area. It's only a matter of time before prices drop. But at this point, anything under MSRP is a good deal.

  16. Good news is the Military Discount was $1000. Bad news is it ended Sept. 30th.

    However, if you are deployed to a combat zone, I think folks there are getting a little bit more off the top.

    I am going, but not long enough to qualify (TDY) and I'll ask.

    I'm paying $26.6K for the sig block car, but that includes about $1200 in shipping, so if I had it delivered to the States, it would be $25.4K a pretty good deal on a high demand car.