What distributor to use?

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  1. I removed the EFI setup from an 89 Mustang engine and have changed it to a carb setup. What distributor should I be using for the conversion? The standard 289/302 distributor with points is too short. Any ideas?
  2. The std points distributor will work. I'm using one in my 89 V-8 roller motor Ranger. You just need to swap the cam gear on the shaft to a steel one for the roller cam. Summit has the gears. I also swapped in a Pertronix unit to replace the points. The shaft is shorter than the EFI dist. but theres no worry, the oil pump drives are all the same length, just that for some reason Ford lengthened the dist shaft from the older ones.
  3. The gear will come with instructions on changing it, take your time and follow the directions, it's not hard to do.
  4. Can I take the gear off the late model distributor and use it on the point distributor? I'll check again but it seemed that the distributor was definitely shorter between the mounting flange and the gear. I'll check this eveing. Thanks DH
  5. No you cannot swap gears, the shaft diameters are different. the distance between the mounting flange and gear are the same for all 221-302 motors from 1961 to the end of production in 2001. Ford would have to have moved the cam location in the block to change this dimension.
  6. The part # you need is FMS-M12390B. This is a Ford racing steel gear, fits Duraspark and point type distributors. The shaft diam. is .467.
  7. I'll order on today!
  8. I thought the cam gear was dependant upon the camshaft, not the intake. Steel gears are used for roller cams. Not sure why the distributor you have now won't fit unless it is a clearance issue with the intake manifold.

    I'm curious since I'm planning a roller block with a carb setup. I already have a MSD distributor but need the steel gear to be compatible with the roller cam. I'm not expecting any clearance problems, or should I?
  9. Ahh, don't think so...take a look at the pics. I have the early model point distributor next to the late model. Definitely a difference. AND, the early model won't fit into the block. What is the deal with this? The distance from the mounting flange is not the same. This is not a drop in replacement with changed gears.
  10. I guess I can only add one pic at a time for the size? Pic two.
  11. If you'rs won't fit then theres something else wrong. My block is a late 80's-mid 90's roller block and the distributor is from a 67 Stang, Been using this dist in this block for a year now. The distance from the "O" ring to the end of the shaft is longer on the "Hall-effect" EFI distributors than the points type, Ford just lengthened the shaft to ( I assume) give the oil drive more strength.
  12. The distributor on the left in the picture you posted is for FE motors ( 330-428) not small blocks
  13. The dead giveaway is the thick "O" ring

  14. I may have pulled the wrong dist form the rack. I have another still in a 289 block that I'll pull shortly. I post a pic to help everyone else to understand. Glad you know your parts DH.
  15. :lol: I've seen enough FE distributors to tell them apart blindfolded :lol:
  16. good move. i definitely recommend a pertronix while you're in there, it makes a nice difference in how the car drives and in the maintenance vs. points
  17. just out of curosity why are u using points
    u can use a dist for an 85 5.0 mustang with a 5 speed and a 70's ign box then u got stock good electronic ing :)
  18. Mark one up for DH...he knows his parts. I pulled this from a known stock block and yep, it matches. And on top of that, the later gear fits snugly on the old shaft...to my surprise. I had to press it on but didn't force it.

    EDIT: It still does not fit into the block...it may be a snug fit but I don't feel like forcing it in at this point.
  19. But why couldn't I just re-wire the later model distributor instead? I see that the 68 (in above pic) and the late model have three common wires...is it possible. Granted, I'm not an electrician but...anyone done this?
  20. Trying to incorporate what I have on hand versus buying additional parts!