What Do Guys Think? Yeah Or Nay?

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  1. Came across what I think is a decent deal on a used Vortech model

    1986-1993 Entry Level Mustang 5.0L V-3 SCi Standard (5-6 PSI) Complete System, Satin
    Part Number: 4FA218-010L

    Guy says it has about 20k miles on it. No end play or anything wrong with it. Head unit not serviced but he swears it runs fine. Says it was on his DD and only reason he pulled it off was to go to a bigger setup.

    He says it comes with everything but the air filter, air filter housing, and the pulley above the alternator.

    Now, the main thing that concerns me is the fact that he is in another state and it is a used supercharger. The guy could be telling the truth, but who knows. Once I buy it, it is my problem. The other issues are it has the cheapo plastic discharge tube, no bypass (doesn't come with the kit) and no inlet housing. ( Choices are either $150 for the stock Vortech air filter setup or $250 for a power pipe). If I go to the power pipe, I will need to get a blow through MAF and fenderwell filter. The other thing is he is not sure if the FMU has the 12:1 disk calibrated for 19lbers.

    Lastly the guy has zero feedback.

    What I would ideally want is a kit with a polished head unit, polished discharge, with a bypass, and a power pipe (or at least the Vortech air filter). I can polish up the head unit, but i'm looking at another 4-500 for the discharge tube, bypass, and power pipe. Plus no BTM or MSD with boost retard (again Vortech says not needed with this kit but I've always run one with a blown motor).

    Here is what he told me about the unit.



    So, what do you guys think. It's been over a decade since I bought a supercharger. If the price were about $1200 or so and then another $700 for the add ons I want- discharge, bypass, power pipe and MSD, its about $1900. It's a nice deal IMO until you start adding on the extras and items not included. I've seen complete S trims for $1500.

    If i knew the guy I would feel a lot better about the risk.
  2. Talk him down some on the price then I would say its ok. I'm running the v3 and I like it! I'm using the plastic discharge tube but like you going to upgrade later. But I'm dyno tuned and running 42# injectors and 98mm pro m calibrated mass air meter! I can post pics if you want!
  3. Sounds to me like you've answered your own question. If you knew the guy better or he had more feedback I would feel more comfortable buying from him. Unless you can talk him down greatly in price to minimize your potential risk in the event something isn't right, I'd probably pass.

    I'm no expert on superchargers for these cars, but just looking at it from a "business-like" perspective.
  4. I agree, its not even that great of a deal after you get all the stuff to make it work how you want. I would hold off and get what you actually want, and that eliminates the risk of his zero feedback.
  5. Kinda sketchy with zero feedback on Ebay. Good kit though, that's on my to do list. Good luck, not sure what I'd do, I'd probably just save up for a new kit.
  6. Weren't those kits $1700-1900 new?

    So after buying it and getting the additional parts you need...you paid basically the price for a used basic entry-level supercharger kit at new kit price...and still need to upgrade it.
  7. nah.. i see them for 2200-2500. But,, I see used S trims for 1500 -1800 with add ons.
  8. I think I keep quoting 2002-2004 prices...back when I was looking for a kit. I almost picked one up.
  9. lol.. me too. The last time I bought a supercharger was in the 90's... Bought a NEW S trim form $1600
  10. yep. that is a $100 minimum added to the price. If I got it for $1000 it would be worth the risk but not $1200.