what do i do???? bypass amp?

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  1. ok i have a 90 gt and it has the factory amp. i've got a new kenwood hu and new infinity kappa speakers all around and they sound isnt much better than factory AT ALL!!!!! the wiring harness sent with the new hu didnt wire up so i called a sales rep and had to go buy this blue scosche box thing to reroute the signals or something. and the sound is really terrible!! i need to know what to do (w/o buying amps) to make it sound like it should!! should i just bypass the amp? if i did that then what exactly should i do? i see aLOT of wires comin outta the factory amp (i think its the amp its just behind the hu) and i wanna know if i should just tap directly into those or just get rid of ALL of that and get new wires all the way around. if so what gauge, brand wire and how can i get the new wire to the speakers w/o seeing them? i'm a REAL newbie at this stuff so PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! its embarrasin when my friends 98 camaro FACTORY non monsoon sound system blows mine away!!! please help!!!!
  2. i found some things....

    I've found some sort of amp bypass harness at audioinmotion.com but i dont know if i should get it or not. would it be better just to run better newer wires all the way to every speaker? i REALLY need some help my system is embarrasin right now!!!!! is the problem the factory amp or what?? another piece to the puzzle: when i put the new speakers in there was NO difference in sound when switching the positive and negative wires to opposites on the nwe speakers. if i wired the new speaker backwards, there was no difference in sound???? what is this???
  3. For now I would bypass the factory amp until you can get a new amp. I'm not sure about the wiring on the 90 GT but you should be able to determine the hot and ground wire so you will have power to the head unit. If you are unable to determine a hot wire you can wire directly to the fuse box. Most audio stores or Radio Shack have clips you can use to wire to a fuse, preferably your radio fuse. Once you get power, rewire with new speaker wire to your speakers. I think the problem is the system in your car is designed for factory replacement speakers and not aftermarket. At least thats the way the newer systems are. Just run wire and hide it under door sill pieces and under seats...anyway you can get to the rear and doors. If you need some more help feel free to ask.