What do I do with my car now!?

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  1. Sorry for the long post, but here goes... Last May, I had my car painted a pretty nice two tone black/maroon, with a hand painted silver pinstripe. Bought new tires, installed an intercooler, water/meth injection, stainless exhaust, bought some great tuning hardware/software, and planned on enjoying my car after having been away from it for so long (due to Iraq, and other training throughout the US). Drove it to work the night after I got it back from the paint shop, and something went bad. I didn't have time to diagnose it, because that same night I found out my family and I would be moving to Japan in 4 weeks, FOR THREE YEARS (without my car)! So four weeks later, We are in Japan, and my car is sitting in storage with BRAND NEW paint, tires, etc. Between packing and planning an international move, I tried to figure out what the problem was, and I think I spun a main bearing, or rod bearing? Something pretty major, that definitely wont let the car run. I really don't want my car to rot in storage over the next three years, and It cant be driven due to the problem. I have put a lot of time and money into it (like everyone), and I don't want to part with it. I don't have any family or friends back home that can help me with it either. WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY CAR SO IT DOESN'T SIT AND ROT FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS? Does anyone have any suggestions? A friend suggested that a parts mfg or performance shop could use it as a test car in exchange for repair. Sounds like a cool idea, but I don't know if it is realistic. I just like to think there is SOMETHING that my car could be doing instead of deteriorating. ANY suggestions would be appreciated! THANKS!
  2. So, if the car was running, what would you have done with it while you were in Japan for 3 years?
  3. i'de rather have my car sit than have a performance shop use it as a test car. no way in hell i would let anyone drive my car while i was away...to much stuff can go wrong.
  4. He could have had it shipped there
  5. If the car is stored properly wait till you go home on leave and make sure it is and keep it. Especially if you own it out right. Then I would start putting away at least $100 a month for a built engine when you come home because you will never get what it is worth to you if you sell it.
  6. great response.. couldnt have said it better myself.
  7. If the engine doesn't run right, just put it on blocks or jackstands to keep the tires from forming flat spots. Since you will be gone a while, you should fill the cylinders (through the spark plug holes) with some sort of oil (Rislone engine treatment, Marvel Mystery Oil, or???), Seafoam the gas tank, and throw some mothballs in the interior to keep out pests. The tranny and differential will be fine, but will the car be stored indoors or out? A high-quality car cover will also help and roll up your windows to keep the interior from drying out. Disconnect your battery and save for a rebuild, as previously suggested.
  8. Darkside, that is pretty much what I am doing now. It sounds more like the best idea when someone else says it, so thank you. I think that's what I'm going to stick with. It is in a very good climate controlled car storage facility, and I did all the right prep for long term storage. I have been putting aside money since I got to Japan for my motor. I just wanted to see if there was a better idea out there that I had not thought of. Thanks for the quick replies, and the willingness to help a guy who hasn't been on the forum in a year. It's really appreciated!
  9. You can't take the car with you? Obviously Japan has different laws than us, but you could at least have it stored closer to you, and you could be working on it at the same time.
  10. I COULD have it here, but the military will not pay to have it shipped here. It is about 4000 bucks each way to get it to where I am, and that is a little too steep for me. Someone did have a 94 V6 Mustang shipped out here, and didnt want to pay to get it home, and I could have bought it for 1000 bucks, but I really didnt need it (my work is literally a 1 minute bike ride from my house). Since everything is so close and compact here, the mustang only had 25,000 miles on it! Another thing that kept me from buying it way that it had 15" spoked daytons, and there is no where locally to buy new wheels...