What do I need for a 5.0 swap?

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  1. I wasn't aware there was ever a Ford 427 with hemi heads. I thought they only ever came on the 429 Boss. *shrug*

    Speaking of which, this guy was at a recent car show I went to. Cobra kit car with a REAL dual quad 427. Wanna talk about drool-inducing...damn.

    BTW: The all-aluminum Chevy 427 that was available in the camaro was the ZL1. According to this older Hot Rod I have, the L-88 was an earlier version, and the ZL1 was better. I can't remember how many ZL1 camaros and vettes were built but I think it was something around 10, and four respectively. BTW any of you guys seen the all-aluminum 454 or 502 (can't remember exactly) that GM performance parts made? It was in the Jeg's catalog not too long ago. Came ready to run for a cool $19,000...and they only built 200 of em.

    One last thing, Ford did build a 427 recently...it was the V10 in the 500 concept car.

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  2. just drop a 429 SCJ/TJ in that puppy... atleast 390HP from the factory
  3. Little late for this thread, as bhuff and i dropped his rebuilt 2.3 in about 20 minutes ago :D