What Do I Need For More Hp?

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  1. Got a 97 v6. want to do street legal drag. should I do 302 or 351? what trans do I need (auto)? heads, cam, converter, carb, intake? I know how to build it all just dont what parts needed for 500hp or better.
  2. I know its something that you don't want to hear, but it basically the best answer to people in your position. For the most cost-effective and best-performing setup.....sell the car and get a GT. A LOOOT less headaches, cheaper, and you'll get better performance out of it than overhauling your 97
  3. Is there a difference in a gt body and suspension verses a v6?
  4. Oh yeah. Suspension, driveline, rearend, etc...
  5. As far as the body goes, they are identical. The driveline on the otherhand is completely different. For a complete swap you will be looking for an engine, transmission and rear end. 500hp is nothing to shake a stick at and will set you back quite a bit of money when done properly. What is your budget first and foremost?
  6. Lowest cost 500hp would be 351w junkyard F4TE casting. Yes I know that block is not as strong as the older block, but should be ok at that power level and roller would better with turbo because of the faster ramp rates of the roller cam.

    GT40 heads “craigslist" Afr 185 if budget allows
    F303 cam
    42 lbs injectors “Ebay”
    matching throttle body “Ebay”
    Fuel pump
    Fuel lines “look at the Junk yard threads”
    upgraded T5
    8.8 or 9 rear end “look at the Junk yard threads”
    bigger radiator “look at the Junk yard threads”
    Cobra break and suspension package.

    Junk yard turbo setup “theturboforums.com”

    Please correct as needed. This was more or less my setup 10 years ago. I am sure I have forgot things.
  7. Not on a mod motor-based car. There is a reason why you never see non-mod motors in SN95+ cars (that run well).
  8. Even the boss 302 would be no match in stock from
    Even the boss 302 would be no match in it stock from against that engine. You never see non-mod motors in SN95+ cars because of all the work involved. K member starting with a 4.6 GT would be much less work and be a nicer turbo setup. He asked for a 302 or 351 setup. The old 302 at 500 hp would be very short lived.