What do i need to beat a 2008 Zo6?

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  1. Ok hello my name is erin and i am new here. Just like the title says what do i need to beat a new ZO6? I have a 92 lx and i am starting a build right now and i dont know what will beat a new ZO6. I am thinking of doing turboed 331 or a n/a 347. Can any body give me advise on which one will be able to not beat one but walk away from one, even cammed and exhaust . Thanks for the advise in advance.
  2. 550 rwhp @3000 lbs if not better then that.
  3. even i want to see where this goes, as far as details and such that is
  4. You will need over 500 whp. The Z06 stock is 505 h.p. Plus it weighs just over 3,000 lbs. So the power to weight is tough to beat. The only cars that can beat a stock Z06 cost at least twice as much. Bang for the buck the Z06 is THE BEST performance car on the market. Period. No that does not mean that you cannot modify your car and go faster for less money. But you cannot find another faster bone stock car for the $$. So if you can make over 500 whp. chances are you will be changing rear diff, transmission, suspension and brakes as well. It can be done, it has been done, it is just going to cost you. And when your done the Z06 will get better gas mileage, so even if your faster, it still beats you in other ways.
  5. Seeing as deep 11s bone stock have been had (even better I think, high 10s without a single mod?) it will take a lot to do it with a street type tire.
  6. doesnt a lx/notch weigh around that same weight?
  7. Yes about the same and you can lighten one up pretty easily. Question is how much $$ do you want to spend.
  8. In a fox, its gonna be a long road. You'd be money ahead to get an 03 Cobra and start from there as far as power, power potential, driveability, amenities, money and the list goes on....plus buy you a focus for a dd and still have money left compared to what that Z06 guy spent. If I am driving a fox I don't consider myself comparable to a Z06 both in money and performance.....16 years technology and a base price difference of $60K+...i wouldn't worry about competing with a Z06
  9. Could always try a 2009 Z06:eek:
  10. If I'm not mistaken they make 430ish at the wheels and they weigh around 3100-3200 lbs. If you want to walk hard on one, you're going to need a lot more than just engine mods. You're going to need some serious traction. I think you can do it on the stock block, but it'll be pushing the limits.

    My suggestion, if you're trying to do it as cheaply as possible, would be a h/c/i 302 with a 150-200 shot of nitrous, or you can keep the compression low and put on a stout blower or turbo system. n/a a motor like that would push 300 ish rwhp. With boost, going to 500ish at the wheels wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. A TKO tranny, sticky tires, 3.73 gears, and hardened 28 spline or 31 spline axles. You should consider suspension mods at this point too, but you can get away without them if you're just trying to beat a stock Z06. Then lighten the car to 3000 lbs or less. I think that combo would walk pretty good from a Z06 from a stop or roll. From a stop, you will annihilate him out of the hole.

    You didn't ask this, but... From a roll you won't have anything on a new ZR1 unless you're pushing middle 500s at the wheels. From a stop, though, I don't think one could catch you in the 1/4. Your combo with traction should be knocking down mid 10s or better. Just keep the tune safe... 1 detonation event and everything is coming apart. Not to mention, you're already at the limits of the block itself.

  11. Thats just a opinion really. I'd rather put the $$ into a fox and lay the smack down. I'd like to run into a c6 z06 this year...
  12. If the car is build right it won't take much power in a light fox, for example my brother's car 347ci makes 380rwhp and runs 11.0'[email protected] he hits it with a baby shot 490rwhp runs 10.20'[email protected] weights 2980lbs with him in it. It's all about how the car is set-up, not dyno numbers.
  13. True, it is just my opinion because I have put the money in a fox to lay the smack down:) Now I am looking for a new toy:)
  14. What he said. How did you manage to post before me but after me and Adam posted? :rlaugh:
  15. Like 25th said, there has been a couple in the 10s BONE stock. BUT, obviously not every driver will be able to do that. The real problem is going to lie in what's done to the vette. If you have a decent turbo setup or something pushing the limits of the stock block, you should be able to pull on a COMPLETELY stock one. Especially if you're set up for the track and drill him out of the hole, but I don't think you will "walk" him from a roll.

    Now you said even if it has a cam and exhaust... For that my friend, good luck. That's WELL into aftermarket block territory unless you run into the worst driver on earth and he runs a 2.4 60' and misses every gear.

    The heads on the LS7 are absolutely incredible for a production head. They're CNC ported with 2.20" titanium valves and 270cc intake runners. They flow 352cfm at .700" lift. This means you're a cam and exhaust swap away from retarded all motor numbers. I've seen one make 730fwhp with a not too crazy cam and a set of long tubes.
  16. you can buy my YSI 331 stroker
  17. So a cam and exhaust netted 225 horse.....:rolleyes:
  18. I bet yours will walk a Z06 :nice:

    But the new Z06 is just a beast. With a CAI, headers, x-pipe and a tune it lays down 496 rwhp! :eek: And with that light weight it hands a Cobra, with 100 more horses, its ass. :(
    YouTube - Lankhoss' C6 Z06 (496 RWHP) Vs. '03 KB Cobra (590 RWHP)
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