What do i need to beat a 2008 Zo6?

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  1. Good Christ!!! What is that?
  2. you know youre doing something right when you can fit your engine INSIDE your turbo!

  3. supra guys wold love that turbo... make 8000 hp and take 20 seconds to spool :D
  4. Nope. It was like that for a couple of summers and LOTS of heavy street racing. He builds things like this all the time so he knows what he can do to customers cars and not make them blow up. He put 93 in it oneday just to see what happened and it let go. Now he's putting a big motor in it and going all out.
  5. :rlaugh: I don't know of anything that could spool that SOB!
  6. Are you trying to get my attention? Because if you'd like, I could start paying much closer attention to you? Your choice!
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  8. How about your mom? :shrug:

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  13. kinda personal dont you think? if anyones taking this too seriously i'd say its you...
  14. Ok, I cave. The thread's off topic, I like almost all of the most recent posting members in it, and I don't want to see this taken to a point that requires admin/mod action.

    Brian, I ask politely that you do not pursue 5.0 regulars unless they are showing a pattern of inappropriate behavior. I assure you that you will find no such pattern with Strippt88.

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