what do i need to tune 89 5.0

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  1. Kinda new to the Mustang world, ive been into imports for awile, but now im building a 89 Mustang with non-MAS 302 motor, with flat top pistons, and Vortech s-trim charger maybe some nitrous

    What do i need to chip my ECU so i can have it tuned
    also what software do i use

    i want more boost were can i get bigger pulleys looking for 10-15lbs

    also what size injectors should i be running 42lb or maybe 60lb to be safe with high boost and maybe some nitrous

    Any help please, im just learning everything with mustangs, i want my car to run good and safe, and be fast ofcourse :SNSign:
  2. thanx, you answered perfect, and i was acually thinking meth instead of nitrous too, the motor has GT40p heads dual springs and retainers, mild port job, not sure what cam im going to use, i have a ford b303 cam and then i have a custom supercharger cam, and a comp cams nitrous cam, not sure of specs on them tho, the pistons bring it to around 10.1 ratio i belive and like i said before id like to run around 10-15 lbs if i can find a pulley with meth injection so i need to find out what size injectors i should run:nice:
  3. FWIW my combo in sig with my old vortech pushing 13 psi would make my 42lb/hr injectors go up to 80-85% duty cycle.

    42s would probably work but 60s arent a bad idea if you plan on upgrading even further, a set of injectors arent exactly cheap and it would suck to buy some 42s and then turn around shortly after and end up buying bigger ones because the 42s wouldnt cut it.

    42s usually work great, but if going for 550-600 HP on up i'd get bigger
  4. Thanx for all the help guys, I am now going to be running dished pistons, ordering tomorow, i wanted flat top for more torque but it will prob cause problems with the higher boost, so to be safe i am going dished, also going to try and find some 50 or 60lb injectors to be safe, and not worry about maxing injectors out.

    thanx for the link for pulleys but im trying to figure out what size pulleys will give me 14-16 PSI, any help please, i am using the Vortech S-trim supercharger
    i was looking at this, can i use this
    SuperchargersOnline.com :: Product: Vortech Accessory Drive Renegade Pulley Package for 1986-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L (2.95" Supercharger Pulley & 8" Crank Pulley. 10-rib)

    also i have a stock block just 30over dished pistons, its just a weekend racer, will run mostly on pump gas 100oct or track use race gas
  5. It's tough to tell what will get you to x amount of boost. Every combo is different and boost is just a measure of how much is backing up in the intake. Let's say you had your motor combo all done and then switched to say twisted wedge heads. You'd lose boost but gain hp and torque because you got more air in instead of backing up.
    10 rib combo might be close as far as room goes especially if you run an electric fan. You can always find used pulleys floating around for sale so don't be so worried about hitting a specific number.
    I am assuming that by non-mas, you mean you are not running a mass air sensor. If you are planning on going speed density, good luck. Ford speed density does not like boost.
    Last but not least, quite a few people believe that going over 500 hp puts you in block splitting terrority. I myself am more of the opinion that rpms is the killer, but to each their own.
  6. once again thanx for all the help guys, u guys are realy helpfull, i have since orderd dished pistons, and i think im just going to change my charger pulley to a 2.75 because the one i have now is like 3.25, my crank pulley is around 7 so ill leave that, also i curently have speed density, should i change to MASS Air, because i want around 400hp, and i just want something i can tune, if there is noway to tune speed density, then i will go to mass air.
    Let me know what i should do
  7. Check the tweecer site, as I'm pretty sure it supports some of the SD ecu's...
    Maybe not great support though, as not many people stay SD.
  8. How do you have speed density in an 89?
  9. previous owner swaped it out, idk y
  10. Just curious. That swap makes no sense.