What do u guys think of this vert?

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  1. What do you guys think of this vert?

    Owner says everything is original and runs great. Has 133.000 miles..Is this alot for are cars? Also asked him if weather stripping around doors are still good and not cracking...he says there ok and still the original.

    I have one pic for now but will post some more when I get home..Thanks for your opinions :nice:

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  2. when ur dealing with a vert...u must make sure the body is straight..cause they flex alot more the hard tops especially if it has mods.....and the other important thing is the top itself u dont wanna replace that cause if u cant do it yourself your looking at a $1000 plus for a good job....how much do they want..is it auto? 5 speed? did you drive it?

  3. Hi, the owner says its 100% stock, 5 spd, all the pieces he changed were stock replacments..The top is in excellent shape..goes up and down and has no holes ect..

    I won't be driving the car cause I live to far...He sent me quite a few pics and the car seems to be ok, he is also a stangnet member. Asking price is $5500.

    Subframe connectors are the first on my list if I buy this.:nice:
  4. hmm...since hes a stangnet member i think that any of our inputs migh end up being critisized one way or another
  5. Other than the hood stripes it looks like a nice stocker to start out with Joe. I'd go look at it (hehehe)

    Mileage isn't too much of an issue if the car was taken care of. Most Fox mustangs are approacing the 150-200 mile marks right now.

  6. Who cares....I just dont wanna get screwed!!:D

  7. Thanks srothfuss:p

    Owner says it was garaged by the previous owners..ther was 3 including him. No rust anywhere...only thing I dont like is the white top with the red interior..but these are things I can take care of later on!:D
  8. ok ****it...IMO i 5500 is wayyyyy to much.......especially for 133,000 miles....any rust on any major chassis components? what year is it?..would even consider it at 5500...unless it was a 93 and mint in and out! with that mileage..i know these engines are great but...ur still tlakin bout 133k!...

  9. lol...its a 1989..the 93's go for so much more..also hard to find here.

    More pics!

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  11. looks like its in very good shape...beauty is in the eye of the beholder...if you think that that car is going to make you happy...then i guess whats the difference between 5500 and 3500 you might never come across one you like as much as this one....BUT IMO i wouldnt pay more then 3000 for it

  12. yeah your right but I dont think I'll be able to find one at that price unless its in poor condition. The owner sounds honest but I always find the ones that are hours aways from were I live..lol.

    Today I went to see a local one ...from the pics it looked in excellent condition but when I got there..man!..I didnt even start it I just left...it was really bad. :nonono:

    Thanks guys.:nice:
  13. From what I've seen, clean verts are going for right aroung the 5000 dollar mark. If its been well taken care of, straight body, no rot anywhere, then I think that is a fair price.

    Oh, btw, don't worry bout the white top. Just get rid of the red interior. :D
  14. i picked mine up for $5k. 91 red vert mint exterior, no rust, all black leather interior, black top. only thing wrong w/ the interior was a rip in the driver's side seat cushion. engine supposedly had 65k on the clock too. stock, 5spd, chrome ponies :drool:

    talk him down on the price...
  15. Offer up 4,500 cash and see what happens. It looks like a great car. Mine set me back $4,100 but it needed a lot of work still.
  16. IMO - the car is not worht that to ME. I would take the money I would spend on changing the top, interior, and wheels, and put it towards getting something a little more to my liking (lesser miles, black interior, pony rims, etc.)
  17. You guys are right...I sold my 92 Gt to get a 93 vert with leather ect..but all I seem to be finding are the 87-89 verts...the 90-93 are all auto's..:shrug:
  18. i smell a 5 spd swap:nice:
  19. 5000 for a straight good running vert, with a clean interior is a fair price. If everything works and looks taken care of I would pay that much. Anything less and something is going to be wrong with it, which is going to costusually more money and time than if you just picked a better car to start with. IMO