What do u guys think of this vert?

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  1. I picked up mine 3 years ago, Red vert, gray interior 89,000 miles pretty much stock i paid $5800. from a chick,, except needed a top which i had put on it for $625 out in long island, cool place & owner R&R upholestry, Ronnie.

    Sounds about right!

    P.S. you pay for what you get!
  2. As clean as that vert it I would venture to say its been adult owned and it is well worth teh money. Buy it.
  3. good car to start with.....too many miles to be paying 5500 for thouh
  4. find a vert with under 100k on it that is in as good a shape and I bet it will be more than 5500.00

    My 87 had 119k on it and i gave 5700 for it but it had fresh paint and a few mods.
  5. Try to get a vert from a chick, preferably an older chick if you can. Or older pepole, like older than myslef and Im 36. hahahahaha I'd say in there laet 40's 50's... Then its worth it, i mean not saying an older person wont beat on it, I just doubt they'll be at the track racing every weekend is all. hahahahaa
  6. theres a red lx for 2800!! buy a gt kit..or a saleen kit get a paint job and ull still be under 5500 lower mileage then 133

  7. I thought of that but its not the same, I dont wanna be those lx with gt body kit guys..lol:D
  8. yeah way too much...keep looking or offer $2,500
  9. Drive up to Traverse when I'm done with my interior and I'll make ya a deal on a nice black one. I'm honestly about ready to get a different stang but I hate to see it go too far away.

  10. far but to a good owner..lol:D
  11. I'll get some specs and pics together this weekend and PM to ya. :nice:
  12. Thanks alot! :) is it a Gt?
  13. Of Course!:nice: It's up on jack stands, it's really not 4 wheel drive.


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  14. Nice!...any more pics? what year is that 89?

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  15. 87. I started on the 5-lug as you can see, but I kept the 4-lugs too. I just finished up the T-5 swap last fall/winter so I am hoping to drive it sometime soon. I figured I'd replace teh carpet since I had to take out the seats anyway. It's always been a good car with the usual little things here and there. I added a new starter, alternator, battery, summit coil, electric fan, BBK shorty chrome headers, BBK Quadrant, pulled the AC, deleted smog pump, summit offroad H-pipe, summit mufflers, little stuff like that. Here's a couple more. Obviously there are a couple things that you cant see in teh pictures but they are close.




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