What Do Ya'll Think?

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  1. I am thinking about ordering a 2005 premium v6 automatic in satin silver with gray leather, chrome accent package, and exterior sport appearance package(with white side stripe). After I get it or if I can order it I want to add the two white stripes going on top of the car as shown at this site on the GT...
  2. V6 with racing stripes :notnice:
  3. I am a girl, I am only 16, and I want my car to look good! :D
  4. I wish I could have had a new mustang when I was 16, v-6 or v-8. Anyway it should look sweet. :nice:
  5. Sounds good to me, just keep in mind that Satin Silver is not the same color as the show car with the stripes on it. The show car color is Titanium and is not available on the 05. Satin Silver is quite a bit lighter. Look at the "new photos" topic there are several photos of a Satin Silver GT.

    I would also get the option for anti-lock brakes & traction control, especially since you're a new driver.
  6. Haha one small problem.... no one knows what satin silver looks like. The one you've seen with the white racing stripes isn't going to be available in 2005, I think they're saving it for a special edition and dubing it titanium or something.... Neways from the actual production pictures of "satin silver" it looks extremely white so i dunno how well white stripes will go on. Aside from that I think it'll look pretty cool, I like the cleaner v6 alot more than the v8 so i'll be getting mine in a v8 spoiler delete and then removing the fog lights.
  7. I know what it looks like. It is a recycled color from a couple years ago. You can see photos of it right here from the links on the "New 05 photos" topic.