what do you consider "moderation"?

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  1. I read some guide on a nitrous install and it said " Like everything in life you have to use it in moderation..." What do you consider moderation? Once a month? a couple months? Only at the track? huh?
  2. just use it for a small run and let the motor cool before trying to pump more laughing gas thorugh it
  3. In my view you should never use Nitrous...all that it does is break stuff and screw up your engine. All throttle, no bottle I always say.
  4. Moderation is eating a few chips out of the bag, not the entire bag of chips itself. in which case its called hogging out!

  5. Nitrous dosn't break things, dumb people using nitrous breaks things. And nitrous is just as safe on your engine as a supercharger or any big modifications and that includes N/A applications like P&P intakes, heads and a cam. Moderation in our engine can pobably best be set at a 75 shot. Even then you want a good tune and know what the heck you're doing.
  6. I agree for those reasons, but I also feel its just "cheap horsepower." The true horsepower, the real power in your engine...thats something you're going to get al the time, not just when you want to do some street race or whatever.

    Personally, I find nitrous cheap and obnoxious. it mkes you say "oo look i just smoked your ass!" then you get to the next hp and he gets smoked cuz he cant turn the nitrous back on for another run so soon. thats just cheap in my book, I don't promote it, I don't suggest it, I laugh at it about as much as I laugh at neons / LED's to be honest with you. According to ricers, they all the same HP..... :D :rlaugh:
  7. Nitrous is like a Fine A** girl with STD's you know you want to hit it but you know you are going to suffer the consecuences.
  8. if its done right and NOT EVERY DAY then it should last for a long time. a 50 shot every other week or so and at the track perhaps would be fine with a tune and set up for the spray. as with any mod bad things can happen and before you slap it on there you should realize that you could break something its just part of the game, if you do everything right and get the right percautions and safty checks it will more than likly work great and to fine but there is alwasy a chance of something messing up. so be prepared to pay the bill for a rebuild if that day comes.
  9. *checks wallet*

    oooo oooo!!! I got a condom! lets hit it! lol

    thats f'in hilaroius

  10. I wanna hit it :D :nice:
  11. Now who here is talking from exsperience of using n2o, and who here is talking out of there rears? Will the real nitrous users, please stand up.

    like was stated so nicely, Nitrous doesnt break things. Ignorant users of nitrous break things. I ran a 150hp shot on my 2.3 mustang for almost a year with no troubles, im sure i could have gone another few years aswell....guess we will never know cuz i swapped out for a turbosetup. Either way, to keep ignorance at a minimum , unless you have ever sprayed....please,hush.
  12. Modified Southpark quote:

    "I have never tried nitrous and having never tried it I can tell you it is dangerous and stupid!"

    Since I have never sprayed I'll say nothing except that you can still get an STD with a condom on (not derived from experience, just education)
  13. i wish nitrous would come only at the price of a condom
  14. :lol: :rlaugh: ...*pulls out pen and pad* I'm writing that one down man..that's some funny stuff. Well, I also want to say that I agree with Chris. Nitrous IS just cheap horsepower. If a Civic beats a Trans-Am by using nos, but then gets smoked running w/o nos, then would you say the Civic is faster? I personally would not. Face it, a Kia Rio can haul a$$ on Nos, that's not proving anything. Now, if you had a Kia Rio that could haul a$$ w/o nos, you'd have something special. Nos kits are called "cheater kits" for that exact reason..it's cheating plain and simple, like an athlete on steroids. And for the record, anyone who says using nos is completely safe doesn't have their facts straight. Sure, you might get lucky and not break anything right away, but nitrous deposits in your engine are going to take their toll sooner or later. That's like someone who is a heavy smoker saying, "Well, I don't have lung cancer today, so, I"m never going to b/c I"ve been smoking for awhile now and nothings happened yet." That's just my $.02 cents guys. :flag:
  15. It's nitrous not nos. Nos is a company, nitrous is what you use to gain horsepower, let's not spread ricer lingo now.
  16. Nitrous deposits? Where did you come up with that? Has anybody else ever heard ov nitrous deposits?

    Also, not everyone wants to turn their car into a work of art. I don't care if using nitrous doesn't make your car special, it makes it faster. If the T/A had the same shot of notrous it would be just as much fster so no the civic isn't faster.

  17. The only thing that nitrous can leave behind is when there is fuel puddling in the intakes.
  18. :rolleyes: You know, there is just no conversing with the (to be politically correct) "n i t r o u s" addicts out there. I like the way your post starts off...."Where did you come up with that?"....basically saying, "You have no idea WTF you're talking about....I'M the one with the Import Tuner subscription...." You should work on not being so condecending when you post. FYI, nitrous deposits are what get left behind every time you spray. Over time, they build up inside the engine and actually serve the purpose of robbing the engine of horsepower. Eventually, you'll go to spray one night and you're engine blows up b/c the build up has gotten so bad on the inside. And for the record, if the Trans-Am could beat the Civic w/o using nos, then if it did use nos, it would be alot faster than the Civic using nos. It's true, not everyone wants their car to be a work of art, but driving around in a car thats five different colors, busted up, looking like crap but still having full nos bottles in the back is simply idiotic IMO.
    P.S.- To whoever corrected me on the whole Nos-nitrous thing, I apologize if I got the wording wrong.....I don't have a need for cheating and I don't drive rice, so I'm not too familiar with the politically correct way to say "cheater's kit." :rolleyes: :nonono:

  19. That's ok nobody's perfect :nice: But seriously though a properly working nitrous system will not I repeat WILL NOT!!! leave behind anykind of deposit. Nitrous is two parts Nitrogen and one part oxygen. Nitrogen gas does not leave behind deposits when it is burned. And we all know that oygen dosn't leave behind deposits when it is burned. The times that nitrous "blows up" an engine is running too much nitrous that your engine can not take, bad tunning, or when you have puddling most of the times in your intake caused by poor atomization between the nitrous and the gasoline at the nozzle. In other words the nitrous and fuel don't mix well for many reasons I won't get into. When this happens excess fuel is built up in the intakes and usually is ignited on the next run with the nitrous because let's face it most who have nitrous fill up a bottle and use it up in one night at the strips or on the street, not all but most. So seriously let's look at it from a scientific point of view, two nitrogen atoms carry one oxygen atom, that has been mixed with others and fuel, into the combustion chamber and well combusted. Left over is a trace amount of water that is emmidiatly evaporated because of the heat in the engine.

    So to some it up nitrous oxide dosn't leave behind deposits unless you want to count "puddling" as a deposit.

    Edit: Oh and most of the time the deposit's that are left in engines that can combust usually have carbon in them witch usually comes only from dirty fuel.
  20. By the way if nitrous is cheating I would really like someone to explain it to me. All you're doing is adding oxygen and fuel to your engine to creat more power, just like every other engine modification. Just because there is a cheaper way of doing it doesn't mean it's cheating. And honestly if I wanted a bad ass daily driver/ weekend warrior I would seriously consider nitrous you can run extra power when you really need it and keep your car streetable and not a complete gas hog all day on the street.