What do you do when someone makes fun of your V6?

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  1. I can't be the only one with this problem. My sister and her boyfriend are unbearable. They never stop talking crap about my car. The two of them take turns and then gang up on me together. According to them, my car's nasty and ugly, a piece of crap, barely 150 hp, and the slowest car ever made. I'm ready to choke both of them, then never speak to either of them again.

    Maybe I'm the only one surrounded by (jealous?) idiots, but I don't think I am. What do you do when someone constantly bashes your car's looks or performance? Punch them? Walk away? Do the same thing back to them?

    This is my ugly piece of crap below:

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  2. I think I'll go with the crown.
  3. My friend has a v6 with a turbo, trust me he doesnt get picked on anymore.. watched him smoke a corvette..save for a turbo!!!!
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  4. Ask them why they are ripping on your car so much? Ask them if it makes them feel good to try to make you feel bad? If nothing else, just stay away from them. Cut off all contact with them. When they ask why, tell them you're sick of their constant bullying. In the meantime, do what the previous posters said, build up your car so that it will command respect.
  5. Forget the turbo. Just burn their vehicles to the ground.
  6. Its your sister(older I presume) and her BF.........of course there gonna make fun of you, thats what siblings do. In this case, it happens to be your car. Laugh it up with them and move on
  7. the real question is what do they drive?
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  8. I go home park my 01" V-6 and pull out the 89 Saleen with the supercharged 331 and go back and look them in the eye and say "and your problem is what exactly?"
  9. I get that :poo: all the time. There are actually a lot of GM fanboys in my area and most of them talk down about my car whenever I even so much as mention something about it in general conversation. Usually I just give them :poo: back about what they drive, or talk about how awesome my car will be someday. It almost always comes down to a Ford VS. Chevy conversation with me though. And that's when it gets fun.

    good luck I suppose

  10. I have a v-6 also, 5 speed, looks great as far as I'm concerned, and I like it. Who cares what others think about a car or anything else that you're fine with. Belittling jealousy from a person that you haven't offended in any way, is just a character flaw, insecurity, lack of self esteem, corrupted and emotionally scarred ego which is temporarily numbed while bringing others down below the pitiful way they feel. Same as a bully. You should feel sorry for them, if feeling anything at all towards them. Be thankful that you have a car, and most of all, that you are not like them.
  11. What do they drive? Clearly they have the cars to back them up right? But just save up for some exhaust conversion kit. Americanmuscle.com has some good ones! V6 can sounds pretty mean if you work on them.
  12. If they're always assholes, then don't hang out with them and go find better friends.
  13. Hello! I'm on my third Mustang and so far all have been V6s. I choose to go with a V6 because I like my cars on the quiet side and because it's easier on gas. As it is, I am considering selling one of my Mustangs because I am feeling like it's too much of a gas guzzler and would like to get rid of some wheels. In any case, two are automatics and one was a five speed (no longer have the 5 speed). So I hear people talking crap first that my cars are automatics, and then I have to hear crap about them being V6s too. Good Lord Almighty, they are just cars!

    Usually when I hear people tell me crap like that I just use the excuse that they are easier on gas, so I don't have to live at the pumps and spend a ridiculous amount of money on them. But a little trashtalking never hurt anybody. What do those buffoons drive that makes them so wonderful? I had a guy in a girly, golden little PT Cruiser try to make fun of my laser red '03 V6, and believe me, I buried him for it. I remember saying something like, "Your car is pretty tough stuff. All you need is the wood paneling, a bra that actually fits you and maybe an E-Z Bake oven and you'll be ready to say goodbye to women forever."

    Sometimes you just gotta stand up for yourself! Nobody trashtalks me. I love to trashtalk. Lol.

    If that doesn't work, then just enjoy your car. They probably are just jealous, but either way, who cares. Do your own thing and let them talk. They are probably all talk anyway.

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