What do you drive when the Stang's away

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Roland69, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Dame I feel like a dirtbag. 1990 Mazda MX-6 with 180,000 miles paid 600 bucks for it 3 years ago I beat the balls off it.

    You guys have alot of really nice daily drivers.
  2. pass some of that money this way:D
  3. I got a 97 Klein Pulse Pro Mountain Bike and a 2003 Specialized Big Hit Mountain Bike :( I need a DD

    Oh yea....the Klein has lots of carbon fiber and the Specialized has front and rear 8 inch disc brakes....woohoo!
  4. 1979 f150 long box 351 9 mpg on a good day.
  5. either my f-250 or my other stang!
  6. Thats right! Built Ford tough!:nice:
  7. I drive a hot rod 97 Nissan Sentra, but mainly because I am a POOR college student and 40 mpg is awefully enticing...
  8. When the big block fox is tucked away, i drive my 1995 GMC 2 door 4x4 jimmy, its got that blue/purple chameleon paint on it. Drives great for a chevy, but when its paid off next year, im getting a nice 4x4 dodge ram sport.

  9. i drive this when not in the Stang...'96 F350, Powerstroke turbo diesel with more mods than i can keep track of (308 RWHP, 620 RWTQ), 6" all spring lift, 37" Super Swampers, going with 2" more lift and 39.5's here in about a month or so...

  10. :nice: I want it
  11. If that thing comes up missing, DONT WORRY!!!! I have it!!!!!
  12. Hell yeah!! we bought it from my aunt when it had 240k 2 1/2 years ago for 1700. only thing its needed was a tranny rebuild(got suck in a very deep mud hol e) but the engine is still original!!!!