What do you guys do with your N/A's?

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  1. Just curious. What do some of you do with your old N/A 2.3 after a motor swap? At 150K miles I'm prob junking mine.. :shrug:
  2. I sold the rods from mine.
    I feel bad that I left it at 140cilx's house.
    I owe him KFC!
  3. mines collecting rain water, im turning it into a small nature preserve for the ford loving animals of riverside foundation. :flag:
  4. mine sits in my garage... I'll get rid of it eventually but i've used a bunch of parts off of it so far... alternator, water pump, power steering pump/braket, throttle body, and a few other little things.
  5. I took Cro's to the land fill finally. Hated to, but whatdya do? Cro, I'll gladly accept KFC - WOO HOO! That sucker about bested me when I had to curl it to get it up onto the back of my trailer. Wept and felt like a traitor leaving it at the landfill.
  6. Ultra reliable boat anchor!!
  7. I use my old drums for that.
  8. My old n/a short block is on the engine stand taking up room in the garage. The block is in decent condition, and could be used again. Heck, it only has about 73K miles on it and doesn't have much ring wear, so it could be put in some other car as an n/a....but who would want to? Probably going to have to do something with it soon, my parents are starting to get tired of it just hanging out in the garage.
  9. The one from my 87 is going to be built into another backup motor.
    The other one will sit just in case this ranger blows it's current 2.3 till I get it and throw in the turbo engine. then both of those will get built into other backup turbo engines.

    I have this thing about never having too many spares.
    That would explain the several t5's, 8.8s, turbo engines, n/a engines, 289's, and 302's I have packed away.
    Hell thats not even getting into all the body parts and other driveline parts.
  10. I havnt done the swap but if i get around to it i think i will put it on a stand and slowly experiment with it to see what kind of beast i can make out of it as an N/A
  11. im gonna weld mine to another one at a 45* angle and then custom make a crankshaft for it.. Can you say SOHC 4.6! :jester: