What do you guys pay...

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  1. for insurance on your Mustangs? Here in IL, it's $1,100 every six months for mine, plus another $400 on my '93. My dad says he pays less for the three vehicles he has than I pay on my '05 Mustang alone.
  2. i would imagine this would get more traffic if it was in the talk section. do you want it moved, or are you targeting just the V6 members? there is a thread about insurance in the talk section now. thee are so many variables to rates, that you really cant compare rates across the country, especially with different driving records.

    i will say that insurance on my 05 GT is cheaper than the 02 civic EX i had.
  3. It all depends on your age and driving record.
    My daughter, 25, has a perfect driving record and pays twice as much for her 2007 Fusion as I pay for my 2007 Mustang GT AND my wife's 2007 Mercury Mariner.
    Young people pay through the nose. And if you are young with a bad driving record, look out.
    Years ago I had a 1994 Mustang GT for sale (about three years old at the time). A friend of mine wanted it for his teenage son. Turns out the son could afford the car payment but the insurance was several times the monthly car payment.
    There are some benefits of being older and having a good driving record.
    By the way, I went from a new 2005 V6 to a new 2007 GT. My insurance went up about $40 per six months.
    That's not that much difference in my opinion.
  4. Yes, I am mainly targeting the V6 owners. I am 24 years old with a perfect driving record. I was just wondering what everyone else was paying, because $1,100 every six months seems a little high to me. When I got my '93 LX 2.3L, my insurance was on it was around $600 every six months. Is it true that your insurance is higher if the car is red? I heard that somewhere.
  5. I am in my mid 40's and I pay 394 every six mo I think. I think that is too high for a perfect driving record.
  6. well i guess its my turn to make your jaws drop.. i'm payin $310 A MONTH for insurance on my stang.. i've priced around and thats the cheapest in my area untill my tickets and wreck get dropped off my record next year. o ya and i'm a 20 year old single male if that helps figure out why :shrug:
  7. That is why. :( Your record dictates your premium. Just drive nice, be patient and get a few more years under your belt your insurance will go down as your record cleans up and you gain licensed experience.

    Best of Luck to you. Being young has some advantages, but being "seasoned" has some as well.

  8. vary true.. i'll be 21 within 6 months so from everything i've heard it should start dropping after that untill then i'll be paying a second car payment basiclly :bang: lol
  9. It doesn't really drop at 21... only at 25 or if you get married.

    Mine is $1800/yr on my GT

    I used to pay about the same amount for my '89 Taurus with no collision and the thing was worth maybe $2500. Talk about a ******* RIPOFF.

    No tickets, no accidents: perfect record. It's nice to be rewarded with enormous premiums.
  10. i dont have a mustang i do have a red 93 lightning i am only 21 i pay 389 every 3 months before i switched insurance companies i was paying 1200 for every 6 months:jaw: