What do you guys think of these 20 inch rims/tire combo??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jpjr, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking about getting them..
  2. Not a fan of the 20" rim on the 99+ Mustang in any combo/configuration. :shrug:
  3. 18" rims are max for looking good on any year car in my opinion.
  4. those look a little ghetto to me. :shrug:
  5. There is one and only one reason to go over 18” for a Mustang, and that would be “the bling thing”. :nonono:

    Those looking for performance need not apply.
  6. the last guy to roll out on 20's to an stang event I was at, got laughed out of the parkin lot by the other stanger's.. keep them rims on the rice

    IMHO: those size rims look just out of proportion to the styling lines on any late model stang never mind how they over fill the wheel wells.
  7. stick with 18's I like the look of the 18" Cobra R chrome Rims. I was thinking about getting some for my car. Anybody know where i can get a good deal on some?
  8. www.gefracing.com

    Best prices I found for my Cobra R's.

    Oh, dont' go with 20's. The ride will suck, it will look like ass, it serves no purpose. Just lower the car and put on some 17x9 up front, and 17x10.5's out back.....or 18's if you want.
  9. 20's on any stang is just silly. Like everyone says, stick with 17's or 18's and you'll be happy with the look and performance.
  10. fair enough.. thanks for the input, i'll go with the 18's. the only reason they grabbed my attention is because the corvettes use those sizes. figured the extra rubber might help but i guess not.
  11. if you want beefier looking tires, just go wider on like a 9 inch rim or something.
  12. :bs:

    Rogue puts on his flame resistant suit.....:flame:

    Ok, I am tired of all the people out there saying things they don't know crap about. :bang:

    I have 20s on my Cobra!

    The ride quality has VERY little difference. The wheel tire combo can corner a little better, but again not much. You have less side wall flex on a 20.

    The 20s are heavier and you can't always get them in different widths and offsets.

    I have 20x9 with 275/30/20s on mine and I love them. I think the fit well and look good. I don't get laughed out of every show I go to. In fact I have always taken trophies at each show. Someone has to agree they look good on my Cobra! I have even had "non-car" people gather around my Cobra and tell me what a awesome car I have. Most important I have had women tell me how sexy it looks. :D :nice: Now, if they would just say that a little more about me. :rlaugh:

    I drive my Cobra just as fast with the 20s as I did with 17s and have seen no loss in performance. I do however put the stock 17s to drag race with. That is the only time.

    That is my opinion. Buy them if you like them.

    Rogue steps down off his soap box.
  13. they do look ghetto.....but it's all up to you.
  14. Those might look good on an SUV...

    Corvettes come with 17" on the front and 18" on the back BTW... I've seen some mean 19s on Vettes, but get into 20s and you're into the ghetto zone fo' sho'...

    Rogue, I'd like to see pics of your Cobra. Not doubting you, Id just like to see and decide for myself.
  15. 20" is for ricers...
  16. In a recent issue of MM&FF there was a (I think bullitt or GT), True Blue, lowered on the dark grey 20" bullits, and I think it looked amazing. Ive seen other wheel and tire combos that looked horrible, like those in the above link. IUts you want 20's check out the bullits... :D
  17. IMO 20s look great on some trucks, but very few cars look good with such a large rim. The only car I've seen that looked good with a large rim is the Prowler which had 19 inch stock rear rims (I think) and something like 17s on the front.
    My truck has 20s and blends well with the size, but I think 18s are the largest I'd go on any kind of car.
  18. Ive seen some 19's on a 99+ that looked good
  19. You've heard all the emotional responses, now the tech. reasons not to go with the 20's... cornering will suffer, the chassis will sit 0.7-inches higher --so body roll will increase, and your speedo will read low by some 5.3%.

    After a lot of study,I replaced my original rims/tires with factory ('03 Cobra)17 X 9.5" rims and 275/40-17 Goodyear F1 GS D3's tires on my '01 Cobra vert. The cornering ability with 30mm additional tread over the stock 245mm width was like nite-and-day different --like the car was on rails, and ride height was unchanged.

    I recommend either 17 X 9.5's or 18 X 9.5's all around.