What do you guys think of these 20 inch rims/tire combo??

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  1. I noticed when I went from my 17x8 wheels to the 18x9.5 wheels that the ride got a little harsher from less side wall and the wider wheels like to follow grooves in the road a little more. They are also heavier...not that I feel the car is slower since I have the blower.

    I can only imagine that 20's would only amplify this..... :shrug:
  2. Yes, I forgot about the wandering. it was very disconcerting for a few days,but you get used to it. Harshness did increase with the lower/stiffer sidewall, so I run the tire pressures lower --32 psig versus 34-36 in the old tires.
  3. Unless you want your car to appear in a rap video; I say hell no! :notnice:

    Just looking at that guy in the photo should deter you. WTF? Looks like a redneck with an identity crisis with the bling bling 20 inchers. He's got the mullet, head band, and WTF is in his mouth, chew? :nonono:
  4. 20s look killer

    this is a repost.I have had 3 different sets of 20 inch wheels on my 99 cobra. I currently have 20x10 on the rear and 20x8 on the front of my cobra they are forged they weigh lighter than the stock wheels. no handling has been affected other than I dropped the car 1.5 inches so it will not sit like a 4x4. I think its up to the owner of the car what you want to do with it. most people who dont like em live far from the city or cant afford them anyways. I get a kick out of smoking cars with my dubs on. my car is for show only so I dont recommend going to the track with them on then of course you will get laughed at.you cant go wrong with the many hundreds of styles out today. just make shure you stick with a good company like American Racing, boyds, BONSPEED, dante cobraR, zennetti, just to name a few that look good on stangs. :nice: every man for himself... :banana:

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  5. ...ghetto...fabulous..
  6. That's it, I don't like them cuz I can't afford them. :rolleyes:

    I'm sure most people that have Cobras can afford some rims and far from the city? Don't know what you mean by that one. :shrug:
  7. not all dubs look bad"

    Well I am one of 3 in my crew of 10 with a set of 20 inch wheels I got these wheels because I wanted my car to be different ,I did not go ghetto fabulous and slap on a set of spinners I went with a set of mirror polished Bonspeed forged wheels and needless to say it looks badazz compared to most stangs I have seen on 18s or 19s, You wouldn’t know about them until you tried them, and no owning a cobra does not mean you have alot of money, this meaning any mustang to begin with. I just think it’s silly to complain about someone having a unique set of wheels on a mustang. I think most people see some really ugly designed wheels and automatically think that all cars with this sort of style look like crap/which in fact you are right some of them do, but have you ever thought that maybe it will look even sweeter than it does with a set of these on, after all it has been proven on here in past threads with the same topic that it all depends on how the car or wheel looks when its finished. I think maybe it is a Southwestern trend. Because that’s all you see out here in the western states/// just my 2 pennies… :nice:

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  8. forget it man, dont do it. kills performance and you can get saleens for that price
  9. It will make your stang look like it's sitting higher than my F-250 on 35's!!!
  10. I saw 20's on a mystic 2004 cobra this weekend at a local mustang show. It looked really good. It looked perfect. Go for it.
  11. why follow when you can just lead. you get 18's, but a person like me want 20's. two inches that's it. 20's are the king of bling in a stang. if i want to race i just slap the stockers on there.!
  12. I agree...19's maybe if they were HREs or something, but those look like ass!