What do you guys use to clean up chrome wheels and keep them shiny?

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  1. A couple months ago, I bought a set of the FRPP 18" chrome Bullitt wheels for our Mustang. The wheels were used, but they look great overall. For the price I got the set for, I would have only been able to buy 1 of them new! Anywho, they have a few minor blemishes on them, nothing major. Also, there seems to be one spot on one of the spokes that has a slight amount of pitting on it.

    My question to everyone is what are the best (I realize that is going to vary by opinion) products available to clean up and maintain the shiny appearance of chrome wheels?
  2. I have the factory 18 inch Bullitts also and would like to hear suggestions on this. Mine seem to have a constant haze or cloudiness to them and some spots. They shine nice but up close it almost looks like there is a clear coat on them.
  3. I have the 18in polished bullitts and use mothers aluminum polish. After washing I use window magic? (Aerosol foam type windex) to get any spots off that may have formed while drying the car.
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  4. I THINK I read somewhere that the polished 18" Bullitts (which we took of for the new chrome ones) do have a clear coat on them, and because of that, you can't use any abrasive type of cleaner. I'd think that with the chrome ones, you could probably use something semi-abrasive. Am I wrong on that?

    One of my first vehicels was a '92 Ranger that had American Racing chrome wheels on it when I bought it. All the wheels developed some pitting and my dad had this cleanser-like stuff called Bon-ami or something like that. I used that and a Black & Decker rotating scrub brush and it took the pitting off, but it returned after a few months. I'm not sure if something like that might be too abrasive for these wheels, and I don't know if there might be a better product to use that's more effective and long-lasting, as well as a method of applying it. Are those Mothers polishing balls that you put on a drill any good?
  5. Don't use aluminum polish on clear coated wheels.Its way to abrasive. Use a fine cut compound polish for clear coat paint. Then follow up with your favorite wax. Clear coat is paint and it oxidizes just like paint with pigment(color).
  6. I have the 18 polished aluminum. I have been told they have a clear coat. I know what you mean about the haze. I wash them then wax them and accept that they are not chrome.
  7. So, does anyone have chrome wheels that they maintain?
  8. A quality car soap and water, than a quality wheel wax/sealant.
  9. I use Mothers Chrome Polish on the chrome Magnum 500s on my Mopar. :nice:
  10. i have megs hot rims chrome wheel cleaner:)

    im sure other companies do to..

    spray on wash off:nice:

    i would use a chrome polish after if i feel like it
  11. I use Mother's Chrome Wheel Polish on my Roush Forged Wheels... Its a pain in the ass to keep clean and spot free...

    When I bought the car it had accumulated brake dust and slight oxidation on the corners of the spokes...took a towel and Mother's Chrome Polish and it took it right off!!! Like it was never there!!!! Awesome product... I need to go get the spray chrome wheel cleaner for easier maintenance...

    But they are have to keep clean/spot free...
  12. Armor all wheel cleaner does an awesome job cleaning actually. Don't have chrome wheels but it says it good for chrome.
  13. Does the Mother's Chrome Wheel Polish do anything for taking out any physical imperfections in the chrome (as opposed to visual imperfections)?