What Do You Hate The Most About Your Mustang?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by creektrack, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. I think the thing that I hate the most is the fact that when I'm cruising down the freeway, the way my left leg rests, the door handle is jammed into my knee and I can't get comfortable because of it....

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  2. The fact that a Dodge Diesel truck was faster than me from 70-90mph... :nonono:
  3. It's high miles! :(
  4. I had a stock convertible 94 gt that was automatic, and I got killed by what seemed to be a stock honda crx...never again will I own an automatic. ..

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  5. New noises to track every year.
  6. My broken blinker switch
  7. I hate the fact I didn't invest in a supercharger while the mileage was low.....161,000 now its too late
  8. The auto wasn't your problem....
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  9. I know, it was the low HP 5.0 and the crappy gears in the rear end...

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  10. clunky t-45 transmission
  11. the 3 threads of aluminum to hold the plugs in, for the mother****in' goddamn son a **** loss:crap::fuss::dammit::bang:
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  12. The nose heavy flexy flier chassis.

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  13. The reason why the parts on the car make so much noise.
  14. Oh dont forget the of windsor to Romeo making the task hard to find parts off of the internet.
  15. Clutch is a little stiffer than I'd like.

    Don't understand the clunky T45 comment though, mine is still pretty tight!
  16. I wouldn't sweat that. It takes very minimal effort to get newer diesel trucks into the 12s.

    For me, I'd say the fact that I didn't upgrade the rods and pistons when I had the motor out a couple of years ago. At that time, I never saw the car being able to make enough power to break the stock ones as long as the tune is good...and well...now I'm worried that it could pop at any time. :D
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  17. The rattle inside the Bassani mufflers.

    The seatbelts that don't retract on their own.

    The little minor cosmetic issues here and there on the sheetmetal.

    The leak in the trunk...WTF??

    Other than that, 154000 miles strong and still running like day 1.
  18. stock springs, all new bushings, c/c plates, factory everything and i still chew through tires like no body's business. mechanically perfect though. and the a/c is like a damn ice box.
  19. Oh dang, forgot about that. So annoying!
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  20. I hate that it doesn't fly like Doc Brown's DeLoren...

    I can't say I hate anything about it...I'm annoyed the passenger seat sits higher than the drivers seat, and that the steering wheel doesn't telescope...oh wait, I hate that the sun visors in convertibles are CRAP and nobody makes a replacement...