What Do You Hate The Most About Your Mustang?

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  1. I hate the fact that I had to spend a lot of money to forge my motor, upgrade the fuel system, and many others to run 600rwhp while these Coyote guys can do that with just a blower and nothing else :mad:
  2. That is a bit annoying.
  3. +1 on the noisy throw-out bearing! Just means I have to turn the stereo up more to drown it out. Not to mention that mysterious rattle noise from somewhere in the suspension that appears when I hit just the right bump around town, I've never ever been able to track it down, and no one else has either.
  4. I still have no reverse on my Built Manual valvebody AOD. Ive tracked it down to a valve body issue and will have to send it back to be rebuilt.
  5. I love fords....but every single one I've gotten in to....including my grand ads new f150 .....the windows fog up like there's a fog machine inside 'em. Might just be me....
  6. Happens to me every morning I leave work, makes it super hard to see anything on the dark road...
  7. I hate that my brothers stock 95 5.0 is faster than my stock 96 4.6 >:/ and parts are super cheap for his car. Makes me super mad
  8. Hate that I have few stock parts left to replace... Almost everything has broken over the years... worse than the mod bug was a desire to replace every part with something better when it broke.
  9. crappy composite intake, look at it to long and it cracks out of spite.
  10. I have owned my 97 GT for 8 years and put 120k on it myself (up to 218k miles now!), and I have personally done all the maintenance along the way. I am painfully aware of it's shortcomings: it handles worse than a modern economy car, the seat/head rest looks downright dangerous if you get in an accident, it eats tires quickly (driving style!?:burnout:), lots of rattles, and the shift forks in the T45 transmission are made of glass. But I can't say there is anything I hate about the car. For what it is, I enjoy it. Doesn't cost me much to keep it, gas mileage isn't bad (20-22 in town, 24-25 highway), it's got descent power (after a few cheap mods), I loose nothing in depreciation each year and I don't notice the rattles with the alpine stereo at an appropriate volume ;).

    I am planning to keep driving it many more years, but a few new shortcomings have come to light... such as the inability to have a baby seat and a passenger simultaneously. Funny thing... it never was a problem before.
  11. I hate that I literally have to upgrade everything. Guess I should have gotten the 03 cobra instead of putting the kenne bell on my car, I could have done either at the time. When I drove the cobra the tensioner pulleys squeaked because it was pullied and didn't know enough about it, and it had real bad wheel hop... Again because I didn't know anything about IRS... Also, the shifter was way to far forward, punching the radio in 3rd, but a short throw would have fixed that... The thing that killed it was there was noticeable surface rust on the under body and the prev owner smoked in it... I could have sprayed the pulley bearings with lithium grease, wire wheeled and painted the under body and steam cleaned the interior, swapped the shifter, and added a stop the hop kit for far far less than the amount of $ I have spent + what I need to spend to get my car where I want it... Forged shortblock w/ trickflow heads, t-56 or tko 600, fuel system, suspension, and built rear end... Sadly my GT will only make about the same amount of rwhp with the above mods as the cobra would have with either a blower swap or a steggy stage 3 and a smaller pulley.

    Although I guess I would probably still end up complaining about the seat belt, rattles, and window problems that come with new edge mustangs... Especially the intermittent power window issue, I hate having to hold the power window up switch while slamming g the door to get it to work on occasion.
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  12. Branham, you hit the nail on the head with that last post. It is a thought that crosses my mind every time I buy my next mod. I got my GT because, at the time I bought it, I couldn't afford a Mach 1 (which I like even more than a terminator). On the plus side though, most of the mods I have bought will swap over to a Mach. I will learn and experiment on this car and if something happens to it, I strip it and park a Mach next to it while I trade every compatible part over.

    It's important to remember that you have taken a car that probably started with about 230 rwhp and now can keep up or beat some of the stock modern pony cars coming out today. If you feel bad about your car, go to the track and shut down a new SS Camaro, 5.0, or SRT8 anything. Keeping up or narrowly losing is still a credit to the strides your car has made.

    ...but the thought remains:dammit:
  13. Be mad at your :poo:ty driving skills.

    As lethargic as the NPI 4.6's are, they are still much faster than stock 5.0's.

    Or maybe you should kick your fat girlfriend out of the car before racing....
  14. I remembered another thing. Does anyone else have a problem with the volume knob on the radio? Mine turns itself up while I'm turning it down. I usually end up having to shut it off with the volume at max. Crazy.
  15. I take serious offense to that, if I don't have fat chicks in my car i wouldn't have my hella flush stance. I do all the work on my brothers 5.0 and it's a beast 1st - 3rd gear, 4th gear falls on it's face but I'm sure if we lined them up and he knew how to race his car he would jump on me bad, I might catch up in 3rd and 4th but his car is faster. My car doesn't run bad either, 96-98's are just out of breath dogs.
  16. @sethahoward - Mine does it too. Especially when the interior is cold. WTF?
  17. its AOD transmission
  18. Fox ashtray door!
  19. And that's the reason I've stopped spending money on mine. I've spent less than $500 on mine in the last 2 years (gears and ported blower). There are so many things I could do (smaller pulley, fuel system, rods/pistons, converter, built tranny, etc.) that I'd love to do, mainly just to prove a point about a fast 2-valve, but I've elected not to. All that money I could spend is being saved for the next car, which WILL be a 6-speed, 2003 model, supercharged 4-valve, in Sonic Blue. I'll let you take a guess on which car I'm talking about. :D

    VERY true. Went to a BIG street car race at one of my local tracks last weekend. Cruising down with everyone, you kinda feel bad that there are so many nicer, newer cars than mine. Then I put it on the track, and beat 2 worked up GTOs, 2 5th Gen Camaros, a C5Z, and run neck and neck with a 650 rwhp C6 Vette. It instantly becomes much more fun.


    ^^That is me whooping up on a nitrous H/C/I LS2 GTO. :D

    And 5.0s aren't? Stock for stock, with the same weight and the same gears, they are pretty much identical.

    99+ 2-valves put a hurting on a stock 5.0.
  20. I know 99 and up are way faster and I'm not trying to say 5.0's are king. I'm just saying his car stock is faster than my car stock. Maybe mine is just slow and about to blow up at 86109 miles.