what do you think about this layout for my mustang

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  1. Mainly looking for opinions before I get started. Feel free to criticize or offer your .02 because I'm still undetermined.

    (1) straight pipe exhaust, cat back no mufflers (will this cause a problem for back pressure?)
    (2) cold air intake
    (3) bullit style grill
    (4) clear tail lights
    (5) chrome wheels (20")
    (6) lower springs (after wheels are on)

  2. Please no clear tail's:nonono:
  3. That's the only one I'm iffy on, and was hoping for some feedback...I got them on my wifes 04 (bought it that way) and they look really nice with the DSG. I just know I didn't like that bullit style grill at the beginning but after seeing it on a gt with the lamps in there it looked real nice, and I'm looking for a way to offset the color on the back so it doesn't look offset. Oh and the straight pipe, if it doesn't have a negative effect on the back pressure I want to go that way, hoping someone comments on that???

  4. 1. I like the sound of an off road x-pipe with the stock mufflers better than stock h-pipe and muffler deletes. The muffler deletes can be a little harsh. The off-road x frees up some ponies though! :nice:

    2. definitely do the cold air (Airaid), but you'll need a tuner as well to get the power out of it. (and it's a lot of power you're unlocking here)

    5. Make sure you don't cheap out on the tires. Sticky tires are critical for good traction. I'm not talking slicks here. But something at least like NT05s or similar. They're help in acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.

    6. Lowering springs ARE an absolute must! But you should also install an adjustable panhard bar to center the rear axle after the drop.

    BONUS: rear control arms also make a great improvement in traction, both in a straight line and in the corners, and they're super easy to install!

    All of these mods are available through the vendor's forum. Swing by and we can show you the Stangnet discounts.
  5. Definitely loose the clear tail lights. I would spend that money on a good set of rear lower control arms, especially since you'll need LCA relocation brackets if you lower the car anyway.
  6. Total Muffler Delete???? Going to be pretty noisy...I'm running the Flowmaster
    American Thunders and get lots of pop and crackle between gears and I think
    it is borderline for legal on the street. Need to cruise by the cops in 'coast' mode!
    Also, be aware of that awful DRONE that we all try to avoid! On a long trip, it will
    make you nuts as much as we love to hear the exhaust!
    David C
  7. You ever thought about a manual exhaust cutout?
  8. My mustang really doesn't see long trips, that's what the SUV is for. All my mustang is, is a gas guzzling DD (which is not a complaint, I bought it knowing what my mpg was and I don't go EZ on the pedal to try to maximize on the mpg also)

    And RAM, no i don't know what a muffler cutout is, fill me in....
  9. IMO everything sounds good except for the clear tails and the chrome 20s
  10. Once again, skip the clear tails, otherwise I'd say it sounds like a pretty good plan :nice:
  11. if you are looking for more handling capability might want to look into the adjustable caster/camber plates as well.
  12. actually think there may be a change, going away from that. I'm actually planning on having my rims I have currently painted (professionally to make sure it's right) a lime green color, then two stripes from the front wheel wheels going to where the hood lies painted green also (kind of like the markings on a roush) still alot of thought but i think the lava red/green should clash good.
  13. I'm one of the few that isn't looking to build the power/handling on my stang. It's my DD, so I'm just looking to add more of a slight visual mod so it doesn't look like every other new 5.0 on the road
  14. I would add a after market adjustable Pan Hard Bar and brace since you are lowering your Mustang. The reason for that is to center your rear axel.
  15. yeah someone else mentioned something with that also. I will add whatever it takes to ensure it's done right. That will be one of the last things done since it will cost the most for what my plans are. Before I can even think of starting on mine, I need to get my wifes either repainted or touched up, and put a new top on her conv.
  16. The panhard bar & brace are actually relatively inexpensive. I just installed them on my car. :nice: I couldn't roll with the axle shifted over to the driver's side after my 1.5" drop.
  17. I'm more less referring to those, with the springs and everything else. Figuring if I do it myself it wouldn't be too bad, but it all depends on my father-n-law because I wouldn't know where to start but he's a mechanic or used to be b4 his back started giving him problems.
  18. I think lime green could look pretty cool...I'd even consider an anodized red..I think you'd regret the chrome
  19. It's definitely a do-it-yourselfer type of job. I've owned literally dozens of Mustangs, but I've only owned one S197. When I installed all of the suspension on my car, it was a leisurely Saturday morning job with the car on jackstands in my driveway, using hand tools.

    There are several write ups and even instructional videos on the net to help you out in case you get stuck on something. And there's always the possibility of posting an emergency HELP thread here on StangNet if you get stuck on anything. :flag:
  20. Please DO NOT do the clear tails, PLEASE! As far as no mufflers, I think the car will sound like ass! :notnice: