what do you think about this layout for my mustang

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  1. Well Imma find out because I am diff. straight piping her. As for as the clear tails that's pretty much out the pic. I don't mind the drone, loved the way my 99 trans am sounded straight piped. Guy up here has his 2011 Z06 straight piped and it still sounds nice, so I'm going to give her a shot. If I don't like the way it sounds I'll throw a set of flow masters on it, but it will diff. be piped at the beginning.
  2. Straight pipes like going to a muffler shop and having some pipes made. Or straight like pype bombs muffler delete??
  3. Going to a shop and having some pipes made.
  4. FWIW...

    Went to muffler shop, and had the muffler chopped off, and pipe run the 2 - 2.5 feet to tips in the stock location. I think my buddy with the Nissan GTR said it best... "your car sounds like it will eat children!" That said, it does drone at about 1900 - 2100 rpm... Cruise control seems to take care of most of that drone when cruisin on the freeway though.

    Id say got for it, worst thing that can happen is you dont like it and you go with an axle back setup
  5. Thanks for the info. Just got to wait for the holidays to pass now to let up on the pocket book
  6. Banger
  7. you make a good point, the reason I was debating about clears is because they look great on my 04 mustang which the paint color is DSG. I thought about that afterwards
  8. No clears, straight exhaust could have a droan that will give you a headach. 20 inchers, what is your rear gear ratio?
  9. Yeah I'm going to stay away from the clears after a good look at the car, my gearing is whatever a standard mustang is I guess. I didn't see anything on the stickers that advertised anything else....my mustang came equipped with the Rapid Spec 401A so unless I get some type of gearing in that no clue. Don't get into the performance mods to much, I'm completely satisfied with it's performance since I don't race (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted at a red light, so maybe a couple illegal ones, that we don't talk about on this forum :D).
  10. If you are going to put on 20's, you would want to run a 3.55 or a 3.73 rear gear. Otherwise stick to your stock size which should be 19's or 18's. I assume that this is a 6sp manual car.
  11. yeah 6 speed with the brembo package
  12. With the Brembo big brake package you will have 19" from the factory. If I was you I'd stick with them. My 2012 Boss also came with 19". That should come with 3.55 rear gear with your 6sp. You could get the 3.73 gear if you ordered one from the factory.
  13. I didn't order mine, it was just one that was on the lot (but if I would have ordered it, it would have matched [except I prob would of went with an auto instead, even though I enjoy the manual and all...that traffic at times]) so I guess it would be a safe assumption that my gears are a 3.55
  14. From my experience the straight pipes will definitely lose some low end torque. It will sound incredible but lose some low end.
  15. Let me rephrase. You do not lose low end torque, you simply move that power higher in the powerband. If you do want to go with straight pipes I would do a 2" or 2.5", if you go with the 3" straight pipes then you will lose exhaust velocity. Just my $.02. Either way it will sound awesome though.
  16. I put a custom axle back on at Kinney muffler shop using flowmaster super 44's (you can listen to it on YouTube) I love the sound lots of crackle and pop and tiny tiny drone.. I wouldn't do 20's or the clear lights, I would go wider.. fill out those fenders with tire...it looks good