What do you think are the worst built cars out there?

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  1. My vote is for chrystler... They are pos's and a pain in the arse to work on.
  2. BMW, cuz for 62k you get a mid 13 sec car that handles worse than a lightning(0.87g M3 vs 0.91g f-150 Lightning) and has to have rod bearings put in it every 50k.
  3. BMW ranks the worst right now when it come to reliability. They spend more time in the shop than any other car make.
  4. bmw bought back somethin like 36% of the 745's made from 02-03. awsome cars, but serious piles. it take four hours to reprogram a 7, give me a chip anyday.
  5. My sisters 2001 Honda Civic. I swear this thing was made on a friday at 3pm or somthing. Because it has been in and out for warranty work from the day we got it. It also has so many squeaks and rattles its a real peice of crap.
  6. Any Import :notnice:
  7. Kia...sure it has a 100,000 mile warranty, but from a few people I know that have had them, they spend a good deal of those 100K driving to and from the dealership for repairs.
  8. You can get bitten in the ass big time with that statement. You do remember that you drive a Ford, right? You do know Ford has a reputation for sub-par cars, right? :D

    Anything German that isn't a Mercedes, you are going to have lots of problems with....

  9. My Mustang case its a POS and a pain in my ass lol
  10. I worked for GM Roadside Assistance for a while and man some of their stuff is junk. Mainly the cavaliers and vans :notnice:
  11. any import thats not a ferrari
  12. :stupid:
  13. any 80's Porsche
    Done it and grrrr I'll never again.
  14. caviliers, neons, but our 93 taurus was the worst car ever made
    and werent the deloreans extremely poorly made?

  15. I always heard deloreans were good cars just the guy that built them worked for another car company and brought up the idea and they turned him down so he went out on his own and the other company did something to PUT him out of business
  16. im gunna stick up for european imports. I love em, ive known people with them and still do, and they never ever break down. BMW's are some of the best IMO. Anything domestic breaks easy, and wears easier. Including Mustangs

    <grabs flame jacket>
  17. obviously you have never owned a 745.
  18. gaywoos...i mean daywoos

    I would kill for a BMW M5.
  19. I get to work on cars all day so I can help you guys out with this question.

    Hyundais and Kia's in the late 90s - Everybolt on the car will be rusted.

    Every car company does stupid stuff though. I can pick something out for everyone.

    Dodge - I hate how they designed their durangos with a whole wheel well attatched to their fenders. Like it's all one peice. Theres like 90 bolts in them

    Ford - I hate on their taurus how they hid the radiator underneath a big metal structured shroud. They're really fun to take out.

    Chevy - Well they just do a lot of stuff stupid. Don't get me started on their vehicles.

    But yea I could make a long list.
  20. I hate how some of them like to hide the batterys either under stuff under the hood or i have heard of having them behind the seat. This is a royal pain in the ass for fire fighters guess thats why i don't like the whole idea of relocating the battery to the trunk we got enough to deal with out on accidents let alone having to play hide and seek looking for the damn battery