What do you think are the worst built cars out there?

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  1. I drove a Delorean in high school. In fact my Dad still has it. He bought in 1981. It's made very poorly. I think we changed just about everything on the car except the motor and trans. It's has over 100,000 miles not and still runs. Only had like 130HP in a 3200lb car. Very slow.

    The Wost cars made come from GM.
    Cadillac Cimirron
    Cadillac Allante
    Buick Reatta
    Buick Skyhawk
    Chevy Monte Carlo SS (Super Slow)
    Chevy Chevette (****vette)
    Chevy Citation
    Pontiac Fiero
    Pontiac T1000
    Pontiac J2000
    Pontiac Sunbird
    Olds Trofeo

    These were only the 80's, I could go on for awhile. Ford isn't the best but they are not the worst (it's getting close though).
  2. so far my mustang is the worst car ive ever had makes every noise it can i like imports for there quality i had a 98 maxima thing was soild all my friend's have import's so my vote is ford
  3. dodge colts they like to catch on fire while your driving down the road
  4. My GF owns one of the biggest POS's and it just happens to be a GM product it is a SAAB 9-5 GD turn signal bulbs are dealer only, I was under that car changing the oil and as I was looking around I noticed an Opel stamp in the heat shield material bolted to the underside of the car, the actual cat heat shield was stamped SAAB and then I looked at the tranny it has a GM stamp on it. What a bastardized POS!

    The other is Volvo a former X GF had one brand new and that MF'er was in the shop every other week, I told her to file lemon law on that POS.
  5. eagle talons have to be right up there. Look at just about any from 90-94, and it will either have a rebuilt engine, or tranny. And every TSI will have a non-working turbo, or a rebuilt one.
    I test drove one once a few years ago, i was driving slow and the owner told me to shift a at 5000rpms, so i did once, and the tranny basically shattered. Made such a loud noise. The funny thing was once he towed the car back home, he actually still tried to sell it to me.
  6. ford pinto and VW rabbits, and chevys.. all of em, and all for diff reasons
  7. pontiac fiero
    pontiac sunbird
    pontiac grand am
    chevy cavalier
    Isuzu rodeos.... have lifter noise no matter what.......

    a few others but...... I will state that i think a mustang if left stock is one really reliable car...... start modding and you will know you have modded it......lol But i LOVE my car so no flaming....