What Do You Think Is Wrong With My Mustang?

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  1. Hello! I have a tech. question regarding my 2005 Ford Mustang. (V6) Love my car by the way... anyway she's been having a few issues. A couple months ago I left for work like normal....she started just fine... and took off down the road ...but as I pushed on the gas she just didn't respond like usual. It was like she was dragging....the engine would rev up but the response just wasn't there. (keep in mind this is in a neighborhood and I don't usually go over 30 mpg....but that morning I couldn't get her to go over 20 mpg) It didn't last though... I let off the gas and reapplied the gas and she seemed to come out of it. (this happened a couple times - usually right after starting it in the morning) Another incident was when I stopped to drop something off. I left the car running dropped of the thing I needed to and got back in the car... put it in drive and pushed the gas and NOTHING happened!!! The engine didn't rev up it just did nothing...so I put it back in park waited a minute and then put it back into drive...still nothing! So I turned the car off....waited a minute or two and then turned it back on...started no problem...put it into drive and pushed the gas.... the car jerked and then took off just fine. It was about time for an oil change anyway....so I called our guy and got it in for him to take a look at and change the oil. He checked all of my fluids, changed the oil and looked her over. He said that he thought maybe I had gotten some bad gas and suggested using some fuel injector cleaner. (fluids were all good) I have always kept up with the care of my care....reg oil changes and everything. I do drive a lot and she has approx. 128,000 miles on her as of right now. So after I tried the fuel injector cleaner (did this a couple times) she ran like a dream...PERFECT! So I thought the problem was gone. But apparently not... last night on my way home from work....I stopped at a red light....waited for it to turn green... turned green and I pushed on the gas and the engine reved up but the car just didn't want to go. I think it made it up to 15mpg with the engine reved up before I let off the gas and re-applied the gas... it still didn't smooth out... it and then it happened... the wrench light on my dash lit up. (keep in mind I had been driving for nearly 35 minutes before this happened and I'm only 3-4 blocks from home!) Any other time I would have pulled over but with being so close to home I said a prayer and crossed my fingers and told her she couldn't die on me this close to home!!! (yes I talked to my car!) Luckily we made it home...going 35 mpg as I was afraid to let the engine rev up too high and she did seem to smooth out a little bit as I went. Pulled into the drive at home and turned her off. Sat there for a couple minutes and then decided to try to start her and see what happened..... turned over the key and she started with out a single issue. (she sounded great) and the wrench light was now off. ..... added fuel injector cleaner this morning and she drove like a dream to work... no issues at all....perfect.... so....WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER!? (I didn't get gas at the one place that I thought I'd gotten the bad gas from last time...been avoiding that place like the plague!) I asked a few friends and I've heard anything from Transmission to Cylinders being bad.... I just need some more opinions. Anyone with professional experience would be appreciated. I'm planning on taking her in again, cause she is nearly due for an oil change anyway...but thought it wouldn't hurt to get some opinions as to what might be wrong.

  2. Has the fuel filter been replaced?
  3. Have you replaced spark plugs on it? If not, start there. They are overdue.
  4. Sounds like you have a throttlebody that failing.
  5. Automatic or manual? I'm assuming auto for this comment. When you say it revs but you get no response, my first thought is transmission is going. Have you had it serviced at all?

    I'm guessing your issue has little to do with fuel system. Clogged injectors or fuel filter would result in a miss or a stumble, not revving without acceleration. As far as the wrench light, go to your local auto parts store and borrow or buy a code reader. You should be throwing malfunction codes. May not be at all related to transmission issues, but those codes will help you troubleshoot problem.
  6. Regardless of what it is, if you have 128,000 and have never changed the fluid/filter in the trans, change it. That is one of the most overlooked things that really shouldn't be. Much less expensive than a $2000+ overhaul bill.

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  7. Sounds to me like a transmission or ECM issue...the motor is fine if it's still revving, its just not going anywhere, which means it's either tranny or computer related...

    Maybe the synchros are going out? It's in drive, but acts like its in neutral, and when it drives it acts like its only going up to 2nd gear, and struggling to even do that...

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  8. Sounds like throttle body failing. The only other thing would be a fuel system component. If it was a fuel system component, I think the problem would be more consistent than the way you make it sound.

  9. This. Everyone else is just spit-balling.
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  10. Exactly what I said as well...either transmission or computer related....

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  11. Hey, I threw in some actual useful information right behind my spitballs. :D
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