What Do You Think Of This 347 Stroker Build

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  1. Hey guys im new to this forum and would likd your input on a motor im thinking of building for a mustang. Here's a list from summit I put together. I'm hoping to put out 425-450 horses. Tell me if y'all think this would get me there or close to it. OK I have a Blueprint block bored.40 over flat top pistons forged rods scat crank, 210cc victor Jr heads, victor Jr intake manifold, comp cams magnum hydraulic flat tappet cam lift 512 duration 280, scorpion 1.6 roller rockers, 750 edelbrock performer carb , hydraulic lifters. I have had people tel me the afr's are so much better than the victor jr's but the victor jr's flow better. Tell me what y'all think on the different heads and which are better and what you think of the build
  2. This going into your 94? Don't turn it into a carb car. The 94-95's are so rare. Just my opinion.
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  3. I think you're gonna come up short with that camshaft profile. I'd shoot for something a lot more aggressive is making over 425hp is your goal. If you like the CompCams stuff, take a look at their XE282HR. Shoot for 1 3/4" long tubes as well.

    I don't see a problem at all with the Vic Jr's. People get far too hung up on the Trick Flow/AFR thing. I've seen some pretty powerful combos running Edelbrock heads.
  4. No its not going into my 94 although with all the problems I'm having out of it I'm almost tempted lol and OK the head will accept up to 650 lift but I didn't know if I could go that far with it still idling good and everything
  5. I guess that depends on your definition of "good". It's gonna be choppy, that's a given, buy your should still have no trouble getting it to settle in the 750-850RPM range. Remember, added displacement tends to tame big cams. A big cam is going to behave a lot more aggressively in a 302, than it will a 347. For reference sake, here's an idle clip I found on Youtube with a 282XE in a 347 with Victor JR heads.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBA0iqtDB2c
  6. Awesome I love the way that sounds I kinda wish my 94 sounded like that but with that setup with the xe282 cam should get me to around 425 now that would be crank HP not rear wheel right
  7. You could definately make it with a bigger cam. The Vic Jr. heads are fine. Are you going to run flat top pistons?

  8. Correct. Although you could probably push it into the 425rwhp+ range if you got creative with some of your supporting parts.
  9. Yes I'm gonna be running flat top pistons and its bored .40 over and what do you mean by supporting parts I know on efi you can put cold air bigger throttle body etc but don't know many on a carb setup
  10. The carb is the killer. A carb will make the power but it's going to hurt the driveability a lot. In order to make a carb run well on the street you have to run a smaller cam. That's why most people keep the injection setup. Injection parts have become so cheap now that it's cheaper to keep it that way. Is the .040" over a done deal? Most people don't take stock blocks that far over. It's fine on an SBC, but on an SBF the metal starts getting a little too thin after .030" over. With flat top pistons, keep the injection, and heads that big, 425rwhp is not an unrealistic goal.

  11. By supporting parts, I mean the right cam/lifter/spring/rocker combo, a good carb and exhaust. I've never been a big fan of the Edelbrock Carbs. Never been able to get one to work right. Holley's are much easier to tune and there are endless combinations.

    A better questions, is how fast do you want to go. Don't get too hung up on horsepower figures. You can run pretty solid 11's with a lot less than 425rwhp.
  12. I want to go carb but I'm thinking I might go efi I'm wanting to put it in a 87 mustang but only thing about it I don't want to deal with all the hassle of the wiring. The block is coming from summit with the bottom end pre assembled. I was originally gonna bore it to .30 but I couldnt buy the block and the whole bottom end for what the kit cost. This motor is gonna be a street/strip motor something to still cruise in but something to take to the track and smoke some a$$ in. What would you suggest I do to the heads they come ready to bolt on and I'm also gonna be running 1.6 scorpion roller rockers. As for the carb I was originally gonna get a holley 750 but I can't seem to find one on summit without buying a whole package with the intake. The horsepower figures aren't a set deal I can live with going into the 300's but I'm not gonna want to go down to 325. I'm looking for like 385 or more. I would like 425 but if its gonna be pushing more strip than street ability than I can sacrifice some.
  13. SKIP ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM SUMMIT PRE ASSEMBLED. Summit is still pushing those damn Ford reject blocks that blow the cylinder walls out. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    There is a conversion to MAF kit for an 87 EFI. It's a good deal of cash though I'm not going to lie. You'd be better off running a new harness for an 89' and up computer. It would be worth every second over the carb setup though. You'll spent twice as much money cursing at your carb. Which by the way, don't cheap out. If you do buy a carb, spend the extra cash for a nice Barry Grant or something.

  14. When I was a carb dealer, I would always push the Holley. If someone insisted on an Edelbrock, I would give them the rebuild kit for free with it. Hey, they are going to need it. If you really want to buy an Edebrock, buy a Carter Performance Series. Edelbrock pays Carter to use their design. Except Edelbrock has no quality control whatsoever. The problem with the Eddy's is that they don't keep a clean manufacturing line. They suffer from a severe amount of contamination. The crap in the carb jams the needle open away from the seat which causes them to flood.

  15. Junk yards come in handy for MAF conversions. =)
  16. Horsepower in the 350-380 range would be cake with off the shelf parts. That cam I suggested above would get you there. Send the heads out for a good valve job, get yourself a nice set of 1 3/4" longtubes, a Trick Flow R, or Holley Systemax II intake, as set of 30lb/hr injectors and have at it.

    Might just be as easy to keep it speed density and have it tuned professionally. If you're only going to built it once, you may as well spend the cash you would have layed out for the conversion, on a chip and dyno tune.
  17. Summit has a whole efi package I am thinking of doing. It has the whole 9 yards. It has
    * Intake manifold
    * Throttle body assembly
    * Fuel rails
    * Fuel injectors
    * All sensors
    * Wiring harness
    * ECU
    * Hand-held calibration module
    * Software
    * Brackets
    * Attaching hardware
    They want almost 4000 for it but I don't know if I could buy all that for that price.
  18. That's to add fuel injection to like an old hot rod or something like that. Those setups are better than carbs but no where near as efficient or as reliable as the factory Ford system. You simply don't need all that stuff. You are much better off with a factory setup. Plus you don't know how much of that stuff is straight out of China.

    I agree on the valve job too. Aluminum heads pick up 5 to 15hp with a good valve job.

  19. Im not sure I know it doesn't look like the factory intake but from the picture it looks like a boss efi intake kinda. I know y'all are so against carb but I believe that's what I'm gonna do plus the car I'm looking at buying was for a 4 banger but the guy had started making a gt out of it and has everything but the wiring done plus a couple other little things. That is originally why I was gonna go carb so I wouldn't have to worry about all this wiring junk. Ya it might be a hassle with a carb but with all these problems I'm having out of my 94 after a v6 to v8 swap has pushed me to go carb on this next one.