what do you use to dry off your car?

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  1. I have always used one of thoes synthetic chamois(sp?) you can get at the car section in walmart. Yea they worked alright and I was happy with them at the time, then my dad got a microfiber towel from NY Tech to dry off our cars. I don't usually endorse products because if someone gets it and hates it then they blame it on the person who suggested it, but I have to say this towel is by far the best thing I have ever used to dry off a car. I dont know if anyone else has used them, but I recomend getting out. They are only $9 from NY Tech and worth every penny. Not sure if the cheap ones at walmart are any good, but I love the one I have. www.nytechsupply.com

  2. all of Tylers65s hot air
  3. I guess I missed something :shrug: no clue of what you're talking about, or that other thread that is right under mine about the admins/mods of SN
  4. hahaaaaahahahahahah :rlaugh:

    I usually use a chamois or just go inside for a 20 minutes and get on stangnet till it dries....i'm gonna try an electric leaf blower next time....the parents just picked one up :D
  5. i get about 30 pitchers of brita filterd water and pour it on my car so i dont get waterspots
  6. interesting :nice:
  7. I just use a bath towel, or old t shirt, or whatevers laying around.. Work just fine for me. Use old t shirts, boxers, sox's, ect to wax or polish the car too.
  8. I use chamois from the yacht my dad works on. They use em and I recycle em for them for free. Works lovely.
  9. On the rare occasion mine gets dirty enough to warrant a wash I use the abosrber to dry it off. BTW I tried the mr clean deal ona few cars and it works great the 1st two uses then you need a new filter.
  10. Damn novices! :rlaugh:
    $29.95 200MPH LEAF BLOWER @ HD or Lowes and it doesn't have to be 200. (I use a 230 mph 2 speeds)

    No water spots, no swirl marks, no drips when you drive off, no drips out of the mirrors, no water in the lug nut holes, door jams, etc..... :nice:
    Try it and I guarantee you'll love it. Been using one for about 8 years now and never dry my car by hand wiping again and nothing beats it. :D
  11. never heard about using a leafblower before :lol:
  12. If you decide to get one get an electric one not a gas powered one. Cordless don't keep enough juice consistently.
  13. leaf blower and then chamois works awesome!
  14. you seriously use a leafblower? i mean im sure it works but thats halarious that you really do do it, neibors probly think your retarded
  15. I used my air compressor, and an "Absorber"
  16. I might try the aircompressor next time :)
  17. seriously, some of the best detailers use leafblowers to eliminate micro scratches and swirls. best way to do it, you dont touch the car, so no harm done.. also a T-blade to wipe away water is good. helps cut down time.
  18. An electric leaf blower, and biggest shop vac money can buy are next on my list.