what does a toploader usually sell for?

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by wicked93gs, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. well, I am in the market for a toploader but am not ready to buy just yet...I just wanted to get a ballpark figure of what I should be paying for one
  2. it really depends, I have seen used ones that need rebuilt go for as little as $50 on Ebay or Rebuilt ones go for $800-1200.
  3. Average for used good condition on ebay is $400-500 just tranny
  4. I just found three toploaders in my storage. two are 3-speeds and one is a 4-speed. Are the 3-speeds worth as much as the 4-speed? Does it matter which exact models they are?
  5. The 3 speeds aren't as valuable as the 4 speed, but they're not worthless either. Those things are virtually bullet proof. My 67 FB 390 Stang came equiped with one (3 speed). from the factory. If you want to sell one, I might be interested.
  6. It depends on the condition it's in and the application (big block, small block, close ratio, wide ratio, short tail, long tail) They had an ID tag on the right side of the main case. The ID code can be deciphered at this website: David Kee Toploader Transmissions, Inc.
  7. I am definitely interested in selling these transmissions. I found out the '4 speed' was actually a 3 speed with overdrive, not a true 4 speed toploader. I have one of the 3 speeds here, Tag: "RAN S1" (67-68 mustang). and the 3 speed w/ overdirve here at my house as well, tag: "RUG CD".
    -- if you are interested, call me: tenzing 360-927-3210 I live in Bellingham.
Thread Status:
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