What does code on the Crane Roller Rockers Mean?

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  1. Anyone know what the stamped code on a gold Crane roller rocker means?

    36-160 (I'm thinking it means 1.6 ratio but not sure what the '36' is for)

    Then below that it shows a stamped 'star' and '-11'

    Can anyone tell me what these are? I'm removing them from the aluminum heads I was going to use and will use them on the new aluminum heads.
    Port Coquitlam-20130422-00471(1).jpg
  2. Probably just a crane part number, that is used internally..
  3. Hey guys, just thought I would follow up with an FYI for you. I sent that picture to Crane's Tech Dept and got a quick response from them.

    -The '36' is Crane's indicator that the rocker is designated for a SBF
    -The 1.60 is (as suspected), the rocker ratio
    -The '-11' is internal manufacturing info per Woodsnake's suggestion (good one!!:hail: )

    Just thought you might like to know for sure.
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