What does everyone do for a living

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  1. I recently got a job with the post office as a Data Conversion Operator, basically I get paid to sit on my ass all day and key mail. Starting pay is 12.63 an hour and right now Im working 5 9 and a half hour days.
  2. mechanic (2nd year apprentice)
  3. I'm retired (16 years) and all I do is sit on my butt and wait for my pension and Social Security checks. I get my '00 GT convertible tomorrow so now I can polish and drive between the checks. It's a tough life! :nice:

  4. i eat babies

    really though... i fix computers and delete porno popups off peoples computers.
  5. I have two jobs. I do tech work for a computer place, and I fix electric/hydraulic lift equipment for a warehouse. Crown/Raymond tech stuff, if anyone knows what that is. I still technically work for Roush, but only when the big out-of-state projects come up, do they ever call me. I've gone to Ohio and Alabama for them so far.
  6. Motorcycle and Watercraft technician for Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha and Seadoo. Get to ride your bike when you dont want anybody too hahaha!!
  7. Hell yes:cheers:
  8. I am a jobsite superintendant for a builder.
  9. IT System Specialist on 2nd shift...which equates to doing a whole lot of nothing after 6 PM. I make $23.78/hr...
  10. i go to college, thats not for a living tho, it is probably classified as negative income. Also i work for a petroeum company, we sell synthetic oil, race gas. baah blah blah
  11. So are you the guy doing the whatever it is their doing or the photographer?
  12. I thought it was obvious with the pic of me solo...

    Right now I do concrete, asphalt, plow snow, operate heavy machinery etc... for the USAF.

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  13. I'm waiting for optometry schools to call me for an interview. In the meantime, I don't do a whole lot.
  14. im a mechanic 4 yrs experience on the field but in reality 7yrs form working out of my garage :nice:
  15. Of course :) Read the links people :hail2:
  16. I work at a gokart track - mostly run races, but I also do alot of test work and driving advice for customers, little mechanic stuff too whenever the guys in the shop need extra brains. Fulltime college student also, most likely going into medicine.
  17. i'm an alignment tech for goodyear. i also do a good bit of mechanic work on the side.