What does everyone do for a living

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  1. I've never heard of it. What is it?
  2. I'm a behavior management therapist for a local school district... I specialize in applied behavior analysis and relationship development with autistic children. Basically I help them learn to be independent and increase social skills, etc.

    I also do graphic design on the side.
  3. I manage a seed company for pioneer seeds. I manage, sort, and distribute field corn and soybeans to farmers. Family owned and about to take over business next year at age 20. make about 30k a year starting.
  4. Electrical Engineer....currently working on small boats projects for the Navy
  5. I work for a telescope company CELESTRON!!
  6. National Guard and Computer Intel. on the civilian side...GREAT MONEY 25.78 an hour starting....
  7. Assistant manager at Spencer Gifts, full-time student, and I'll have my BS in one more year, thank god...
  8. just finished school last year man I understand your pain and wallet .....good luck:lol: :nice:
  9. Worked at a Dodge dealership for about 11 years as a mechanic,am now a diesel mechanic,wrenching on Caterpillars for almost 8 years now.
  10. one more semester of school then off to the business world. i valet park now to pay the bills, even on the lucky nights i get to drive a ferrari or astin martin i still smile when i get in my car
  11. Just turned 24 - woohoo - I've been working as a Broker/Trader(stocks, options, MF's, precious metals) for F******* Investments since I graduated almost a year ago. Youngest guy on the team and DEFINITELY the loudest car in the parking lot. Possibly a correlation there haha.
  12. I do security, then help my dad during the summer, he is a plastic engineer, then from augest to may, im in school.
  13. hydraulics, plumbing, electrical, chemicals, training, more maintenance, computer controls of express exterior carwashes around the southeast
  14. :eek::eek::eek::eek: holy old thread batman!!!!!

    i work tech support for a company called TouchTunes. if you have been to a bar you have most likely seen / used our products. we are the largest desginer / manufacturer of touchscreen jukeboxes.
  15. just graduated from ohio state and commissioned usaf headin to cali for my first assignment here in a few months
  16. I head the Fireplace Division for Pacific Coast Building Products and yell at supers all day long lol
  17. I get to Yell at the contractors all day long and make them pay fines for failing to meet scehdule and tear them up one side and down the other. God I love my job.:D
  18. I work at a car wash that is all I can get I am only seventeen. Get paid 8 bucks an hour plus 20 dollars in tips per every two days. I hate it. I am tired of cleaning other peoples cars. I clean my own cars because I care about my cars. BTW I got to wash a 08 Roush 427R got to drive it in the car wash lot Great car. Most of the cars that come through the wash are scartched and swirled in the paint.
  19. I was a mechanic in the Army 1-21 FA, 41st Fires BDE. Now I am a sales rep for Wurth USA while I finish up college in August so that I can get back in the Army.