What does everyone do for a living

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  1. Mechanical engineer in NYC. HVAC, sprinkler, plumbing design and autocad operator
  2. I'm a C-130 flight engineer and mechanic in the Coast Guard.
  3. i work at a movie theather cleaning up ppls stuff they leave behind. it nice whne the leave behind money but they rarely do.
  4. my dad and I own 43 30 unit apartment buildings....we live off of those...and we redo houses on the side, and own some university housing....its keeps us busy lol
  5. ^ that is effin sweet!!!!!

    I work for a software company named CommVault. I'm a product certification tester.

    Basically we make backup software that most large corporations use :nice:
  6. IT analyst, web developer, and Flash/action script programmer. I program SCORM and other e-learning roll outs for big companies like GSK, Merck, Abbott, and others. I do mostly interface design and programming.
  7. im a dishwasher:( cause im only 17
  8. Hey - when I was 16 I made sandwiches on my summer breaks and lifeguarded. Just remember - you won't be doing it forever.
  9. when i was 16/17 i worked for McDonalds :shrug: it will get better but don't be in a rush to grow up.. i miss being younger :( (even though im only 25!)
  10. Im a loan shark :)
  11. Currently working as a Manufacturing engineer With New Holland making farm equipment, Back to school to finish up my Mechanincal engineering degree in september and looks like I might have a high paying job lined up in the oil field if things pan out... if not probably end up in a potash or uranium mine
  12. work for verizon fios tech and verizon pays way better then comcast
  13. I'm a full time student studying mechanical engineering at the moment. That may change. Also going to try to do stereo installs during school next year for some $$$
  14. you ever see mel gibson's ass in movies....yeah i'm his ass double.

    I also work part time as a medical lab technologist.

  15. I am a instrumentation & controls specialist at a nuclear power plant....I am the guy that tests,repairs and modifies all the systems that make the plant produce electricity....and no, i don't glow.......:rolleyes:
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  17. When I read what he did the 1st thought was...He's Homer>I was gonna reply the same way until I say your post......:rlaugh:
  18. currently i am in college studying accounting then getting a masters degree. but right now i work for my dads company that does government contracting. we deal with the money for the national guard. when i graduate and my dad retires ill be taking over the company.
  19. Work with my brother as a weld inspector. If you are in the arkansas area pm me and i will give you details. Start out as $20 an hour.