What does Japan think?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows what the general feeling of the 2005 Mustang is in Japan? Are the people aware of it? How sweet it would be to magically pull up in Tokyo this Fall in a Black supercharged '05...
  2. most people their probably couldn't care less. they've got skyline GT-R's and such to choose from. for me though, give me a black on black '05 with a big blower OR an '04 mystichrome cobra with mods.....:drool:

  3. yeah, all they car about are their WRX and Evo's. Let them have, only downside is that there are people here that rather have a WRX or Evo. Oh well.
  4. Aren't most cars in Japan like 100HP or less? also I don't think they make the skyline GT-R's anymore.

  5. no, they keep the majority of there sports cars there, and give us there crap. for ex. are EVO8 we have is not even close to hat there keeping over there.
  6. driving a mustang over there would be like driving a skyline here i guess.
  7. I'm sure the car nuts over there know about the Stang but I'm sure most aren't trying to figure out a way to import one. Needless to say if you did do that you'd definately would stand out in a crowd.
  8. No, the Japanese see our stuff as inferior to their's. They are very uptight when it comes to business and manufacturing. They are very effecient and have high quality standards. They see us a being lazy and ineffecient. They also see our quality standard as being low. Plus our stuff is too big and bulky for them. They like small and compact. The cars the are sold in the U.S. are designed specifically for the U.S. market. We love big and bulky. They like simple and effecient. Get the most out of the basic. 300hp 4cyl, small, efficient and powerful. Enough said.
  9. The U.S. is one of the few places where you're going to see a large percentage of V-8's. Expecially SUV's.

    For simple reasons like a gallon of gas costing twice as much in Europe and Japan (i.e. 3-4 dollars a gallon), you're not going to see a lot of people clamoring for the Mustang (unless they've got bank).

    Plus, have you ever driven in Japan? I have! Small cars are a must, otherwise you cannot navigate down small streets or find a parking place when going to work.

    You'll also find that many in Japan love to take small cars and boost them in a major way to make power, which works very well since people in Japan can get 100+ octane gasoline easily!
  10. Yes unfortunately because of all the emission laws and what not we get the ship end of the stick. All the other places like Japan and Europe get all the fun toys. Buts that's ok we will be laughing in their faces while they're choking on pollution and smog.
  11. a 300HP 4 cyl. gets worse milage than a 400HP LS6, I wouldn't call that efficient :D
  12. I think Japan has a hp cap on all stock cars there. I remember someone saying the '93.5 on up Supras were only 287hp coming off the factory line there. The export cars didn't have that hp cap.
  13. No, I think the STI and EVO get 20 MPG +.

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    They do. I'm not sure if 287hp is an exact number, but you're right in that they've got a cap on their stock vehicles depending on if its a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.

    They definitely have a bigger pollution problem out there. I'll tell you something though, the aftermarket in Japan for car mods is frickin awesome! I went to a few drift meets outta curiousity, and I'll tell ya, what you can get away with there simply boggles the mind. Environmental issues go out the door when sooping up their rides! They're spitting fumes like old diesel engines, but are easily pumping out 400-600 hp on 4's and 6's!!!
  15. It's not only too big and bulky for them, it's also too bukly for us, but too many people are buying that big, bulky stuff so the manufactures give it to us. when I read that, I thought of what my wife said this weekend at the autoshow "is it just my imagination or cars and trucks getting bigger." She said this as we were looking at the Ford Excursion. Man that thing is huge, it would never fit in my garage, too long.
  16. the Japanese government also puts rediculous taxes on American cars. something in the neighborhood of %35. i think the U.S. government should do the same thing to Japanese cars in the U.S.
  17. They used to and the imports were complaining very loud. To fix the problem the AutoWorkers unions opted to have the cars build here instead to make jobs for US/Canadian people. So keep that in mind, most cars sonsidered imports are actually not imports at all. At least I know this to be true for most of the Asian based autos, maybe not so for European based ones.
  18. they used to have an unwritten hp limit of about 280 (276 i think) though i think they might start passing that now
  19. Yeah its nice if the cars are built here and it creates American jobs, but it still pisses me off that our money is going in the end to a japanese company when all of our crap over here is dying. Same goes for Chinese products, we are funding the crackheads that are our true national nemesis.
  20. The ones that are 'made' in North America are 'assembled' over here from Japanese made components. Whole engines and trannys are transported. Engines are installed into body that are assembled here, but the parts are made over there.

    Kinda like the furniture kits you get. You made that entertainment center yourself, but everything, right down to the holes bored in the wood were not done by you. You put the screws in, thats all. :shrug: