What does Japan think?

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  1. Actually,mball, you are right. The fast and the furious website (when the movie was first released.) had the charger running 3 tenths ahead in the 1/4 mile then the supra.
  2. Who cares what Japan thinks! I'm just pissed they are buying all the frigin metal in the world and now my chain link fence cost double from the quote I go 5 months ago!!!!! What the heck are they using it for ? Sorry had to vent I'm getting a built in pool and a fence and because of japan It's costing me $3000 more..... :bang:
  3. Yep. It's horrible to be biased towards one's own nation. What kind of ignorant ass would ever have so much pride in the country he resides in that he might prefer it to another?

    If you don't understand, that was sarcasm. It has nothing to do with belief that your country's products are better than those from another. It has everything to do with the fact that buying American-made products keeps jobs in America, which means a stronger economy, which means more money and a higher standard of living for us. If you don't understand that, then kindly go back to school and take a simple economics class before speaking further on the subject.

    Am I pro-America? You're damn right I am. Am I anti-Japan? No. I'm anti-Toyota because of the rediculously anti-American way that the executives at Toyota behave. They act as though it is their destiny to become the #1 car maker in the world because they are superior to Americans.

    Japan owes much of its economic success to the US. If we had decided to let the Soviet Union share Japan with us after WW2, then North Japan would've been a very unproductive country. It's got less to do with one's nationality than it does the system under which you work. For all the "efficiency" that Germans are noted for, East Germany was never very good at producing quality goods, at least not compared to West Germany. My point is that just because you're Japanese, American, German, French, or what have you doesn't make you superior or inferior. It is, however, part of your identity, and there's nothing wrong with taking pride in it. Taking pride to the point of feeling you are superior however, is very wrong.
  4. Uh-huh.......I recall from economics class that competition is what makes capitalism work. It expands markets and improves product quality. If it wasn't for Japanese competition (in particular) blowing holes in stagnant American design, engineering and efficiency in the 60's and 70's, your domestic technology would be a joke. Consequently, American cars are a lot better than they otherwise would have been. Do you thing the new 'Stang would have massively improved suspension design, unibody rigidity, variable engine geometry, etc, without the influence and more importantly sales pressure from foreign competition?

    Those who think that restricting domestic consumption to domestically produced products is the key to health, wealth and prosperity are the ones who need to go back to school.
  5. Oh, and furthermore :D , just because Japanese economic policy is overly restrictive doesn't mean ours has to be too. Two wrongs don't make a right. God knows the USA is not innocent when it comes to market protectionism either.

    This is not America-bashing by the way........just a respect for fine cars mixed with a bit of economic philosophy. I have a huge amount of respect for Mustangs and all things V8-powered, or I wouldn't be on this site.
  6. We havve enough competition with GM Ford Motor Company and Chrysler(then again they're owned by the germans) I see alot more 60's and 70's domestic cars than i ever see early 80's imports, and i dont mean 60's-'70's restored vehicles, i mean beaters. As a Ford guy its sad to see what is happening, Japanese brands taking over the US counterparts, back in the day(I mean back in the 20's) Ford had a 50% share of the automotive market atleast, now its a lot less, why? yes, quality had been declining and competition from the japanese manufacturers, but you know what?, I hope they come back up with quality(F-150 as a starting point) and take toyota/honda/ect. down! To put this all in a nutshell, I'll only buy American cars(sure, some things we dont have a choise like TVs) but if i have a choise for an American/ or Japanse i'm going American all the way :flag: i'll take DeWalt over makita in tools ect.

  7. i wish my dad still has his 383 Cuda :drool:
  8. Well, we'll agree to disagree then. I respect your national pride and I am also glad to see the new F-150 is a solid machine (a little bit of Canadian pride too cause I think they're made in Oakville). Just bear in mind that the F-150 might not have been as good as it is if the Titan wasn't looming on the horizon ;)
  9. Japanese design??? Who do you think comes up with these Japanese designs??? Sure as heck not them. Thats why there is a big push over there to infuse "japanese DNA" into cars. They clearly admit that they have done nothing but copy and rely on westren designers. Starting this year, all of the Japanese MFG's but Honda are making it a top priority to create cars for home and abroad that represents unique japanese design. This might end up being a good thing as most Americans will not like it. Then again, the Honda Element has done pretty well and its just a Japanese box van from the home market.
  10. You totally missed my point. Yes, competition is a good thing. But you know what? It doesn't help the US economy as much when you buy a foreign vehicle as it does when you buy a domestic vehicle. If Ford/GM had an 80% market share in the US, the economy would be stronger than ever, and there would be no shortage of jobs. For jobs to be created, money must be invested back into the local economy. Now, Nissan and Honda both invest back into the US economy when they build new factories here and create jobs, but the job growth is not as great as it would be if it was a US company. Buy American, help America 100%. Buy Japanese, help Japan and America 50%. Which one is better for the average citizen? Ask the jobless out there if they appreciate you buying a foreign product. Go ahead.

    The key to prosperity lies in the greater economic strength of your host nation, and also of the local area you live in. But I suppose you support Walmart as well and think that it's good for local economies. :notnice:
  11. If many Ford, Chrysler, and GM vehicles are built in Canada or Mexico does buying those vehicles help the average US worker? You might be supporting a US based company, but unless you check the build tag you may or may not be helping somebody in the US keep their job. Even then you may be pi$$ing in the wind.

    To put it bluntly, I worked for a US/ Japanese/European conglomerate that made interior components for Honda, Toyota, Nisan, Ford, GM, etc and they moved their operation to Mexico. Who do you think made that desicion? Answer: A US based executive whose new office will be in lovely San Antonio while all of the working stiffs like me got the choice of a crash course in Spanish or being out of job. Of course, he will get a big bonus for saving the company $15 to $20 and hour per person on the production floor. The rest of us are SOL.

    Now if you haven't figured it out yet! GM, Ford and Chrysler are not US based companies "ANYMORE", they are international companies who would happily pull all of their production out of the US to turn a profit. That's right, they are out there to make money and that's it. It happens to suit their purposes to keep some production in the US for marketing and engineering purposes. That's it!

    The tier one and tier two suppliers that actually create a vast portion of the automotive jobs don't have to worry about brand loyalty or national loyalty for that matter. They just have to turn a proffit on the parts that they make for the car manufacturers. That is were the real loss of jobs is being felt. You start thinking about all of the small and large assemblies in a typical car and remember that somebody at some little plant with maybe 15 to 500 people probably made that door panel or intake manifold. Now think how many of those parts are being made outside of the US and you will get sick to your stomach.

    Sorry for the rant...This is a very personal subject for me.
  12. Nope, I just don't agree with you. We've both made our point. :cheers: