What does pinging sound like?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by str8stang036, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Im not sure if its pinging, but I wanted to hear from you guys what it sounds like to see if I can associate the sound to what you tell me. I use 93 octane so I dont see why it would though.
  2. only way i can describe it is like someone shaking a can full of marbles.
  3. It can also sound like static electricity. You'll know detonation when you hear it. It's one of the scariest sounds in the world.

  4. i usually get pinging when i run at high rpms and high speeds with low grade gas.
  5. I only hear something when the windows are up and the radio off. When I accelerate slowly I hear something, but it doesnt sound like a can with marbles. Its almost like a small exhaust leak. Like ti,ti,ti,ti. Only during accel though
  6. Well don't ask Javi.
  7. it sounds like an exhaust leak because it is one.....;)
  8. ouch.....talk about a kick in the groin. "what does detonation sound like?" :shrug:
  9. hehe... wonder where you heard pinging... ;)

    mine does it on 87 octane when it gets chilly outside and i'm at WOT at high rpm and high speeds... if the weather is warm, it won't ping at all...

    if anyone knows why temperature plays into it, i'm interested in knowing... my a/f looks fine when the pinging happens, so i know its not that there's more oxygen and its leaning out...
  10. typically it would do the exact opposite. ping when warm, not when cool. interesting
  11. yeah, that's what i've heard... but mine only seems to do it when its cooler out... :shrug:
  12. Yeah in bad cases it sounds horrible like a can of marbles. Sometimes if my car is really hot and its really hot out mine will ping a little in thue upper RPMS of 3rd and 4th becaue of you ****ty SD 91 octane. But when it does that it sounds more like tapping metal. Its probably a leak you got, cause it should only happen at WOT if its pinging.
  13. The only times i ever heard pinging it sounded like somebody shaking a coffee can full of rocks.
  14. Seems like it could be an exhaust leak, usually you can only hear Pinging at WOT. I have had pinging and I currently have an exhust leak (missing some header bolts) and they do sound diffrent. Pop the hood open and check your bolts and see if your missing any header bolts and then re tighten them to be sure.See if you can hear anything w/ the hood open and the car running.If its not that then check the connection from the header to the H Pipe.
  15. I think detonation sounds like shaking a piece of sheet metal. It can happen at higher manifold pressures whether WOT or not - a lot of throttle and low RPM.

    Air/Fuel ratio is affected by air density. Colder air, higher barometric pressure, or lower relative humidity all contribute to denser air. Denser air requires more fuel to run at the same A/F ratio. Lower density air (hot, humid, low baro) requires less fuel to run at the same A/F ratio. Therefore, a motor tuned on a low air density day, without adaquate MAF compensation, will be lean on a high air density day. And, a lean motor is more subject to detonation. If you are tuned on the edge, a small A/F ratio change could put you over the detonation edge - especially on 87 octane fuel.
  16. I traced mine down to... it does it when the manifold coolant temp gets to 200 degrees

    on average to hot days.

    hot day ahot car, it will ping every gear above 4K

    average It will do it 4k+ in 3rd and 4th at WOT

    I have it tunde out now with a degree less timing higher FP and 93 octane always