what does rod knock sound like?

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  1. describe if you can pls, thx.

  2. well, comes from around the bottom of the engine.... sounds similar to a lifter knock, but with a little more thump to it.

    also.. if you just barely pump the gas, you can hear it better.
  3. It's like a low bassy knock from the bottom of the engine.. It's almost like a thump.
  4. OK, as simple as I can explain it.

    Remember when you were a kid, or seen movies like this:

    A kid on a bike puts a baseball card on his rear wheel to make that annoying noise while riding the bike. Thats how ROD knock sounds like. It goes along with the RPM's and it is just LOUD.
  5. In the early stages, rod knock can be very quiet, just a ticking, or you may not really hear it at all at idle. The classic rod knock sound is this: very little or no knocking/ticking as you accelerate, and then a loud knocking for a second or two after you let off the gas to shift.

    I've had two cars die rod knock death, one was a Toyota that died very slowly (oil starvation at one point in its life), and took 2000 miles or so before it went altogether. The other was my 98 Cobra, which died a very sudden death from a spun rod bearing, took about 2 minutes for that one.

  6. Compression check should tell finalize me knowing if its rod knock or not, no?
  7. No. Compression check will tell you if the cylinder walls are severely scored, the rings are hosed, or you have a blown head gasket. The only way to diagnose rod knock is by the sound it makes, and by looking at the rod bearing when you pull the engine apart.

    What are the symptoms you are experiencing?

  8. A very, very loud ping like that from a hammer hitting a nail lightly from the driver side that speeds up/gets louder as you rev the engine, but you can still hear it at idle as well.

    Checked the pushrods/rockerarms, and it seems the noise is coming from below the valve train area, because at first i thought a rocker arm might be hitting the valve cover.

    I am not sure. Going to my mechanic soon enough. Its loud, and although im not losing all my power, i did lose alot of power.
  9. Knock,knock,knock,knock,knock,knock,knock. :rlaugh: Kinda like that.