What does the battery disconnect thing do?

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  1. I have a check engine light on from my Mac mass air intake and axle back. I also have a diablo predator. How do i get rid of it. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  2. Fix the problem? Engine lights come on for a reason
  3. Wow, very helpfull. Thanks a bunch.

    Anyway, anyone know how to fix the check engine light and what the battery disconnect does, or what it helps?
  4. The system is adaptive to some degree. The battery disconnect will speed up the process and the computer will immediatley adjust for the new air flow.

    However, it seems some of the MAC intakes don't need a tune and the CEL doesn't come on. On other cars, you get the CEL. If it comes on, ya need a tune. I know an SCT dealer or two has come up with tunes specifically for the MAC intake... don't remember which ones though.
  5. Where did you buy your pred? They should be able to provide you with an intake tune.
  6. I did tell you how to fix the problem. If you give more information we can help. If it is a lean code, then chances are you are going to need a specific tune to run properly with the intake. Like they said, should have a tune with the unit when you bought it, unless you purchased it before you hand plans for the intake. But again, engine lights do not come on for no reason. Yes you can resert them and the light may never come back on, but doesnt change the fac that something happened to cause it to come on.
  7. Well, i got my Predator from GTR High Performance in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They did not give me an option to get a tune however. My check engine light came on a couple months back, however, someone told me its not big deal. It came on after, well 3 min after my mechanic installed both mac exhaust and mass air flow intake.
  8. Yeah, you need a tune for your CAI and exhaust if you want to take full advantage of them and your tuner.
  9. How much do Predator tunes go for, because i obviously have the tunner already.