What does your screen name mean?

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  1. just bored here, figured id start a thread that could be interesting... just give why you picked the screenname you use, i.e. mine is "hobie" cause thats a sailboat i used to own (first major purchase before my explorer, lol) and dude, cause im a guy (i was 15 when i made this) and 16 cause my hobie was a 16 foot sailboat. so, what does yours mean?
  2. It's all about the car...

    "topless" because it's a convertible.
    "98" because it's a 1998 Mustang.
    "gt" because, if you didn't guess already, it's a GT.
  3. platinum cause im a ricer with phat rims
    devil cause it makes me sound badass.. like a civic with exhaust.

    i dont know where my name came from, all i know is that its very gay.
  4. It's the old school term for a computer geek. I was using this nick on computer hardware forums long before I got a Mustang. The nick just carried over.
  5. Been using this one from AOL 3.0 days. Can't really remember where I got it from. :shrug:
  6. the first racing forum i joined was because of my b/f...he has an 02 black lightning and used blklightning02 as an email = blksgrl....i always use the same logins and passwords for everything...so i just kept it for everything else! :)
  7. Quite a few years ago when I was all into counter-strike my CS name was .eXodus. from then i have used exodus, and it's variant, Exindust... as my main handles.
  8. Night-Hawk....old gamer name on an online FPS game called Axis (has nothing to do with WWI or II)..game was bad ass...until the Koreans commandeered the servers and wont let American IP addresses play when i PAID FOR THE GAME! :mad: ....my old stangnet name..RedDaemon was/is also a game name on Axis as well...the Daemon comes from a tv show i used to watch Reboot...it was part of a name of a missle they used..ive used it ever since..
  9. its my name
  10. Well, I have a sonic blue gt and i'm a girl...woohoo!
  11. pieromj3.. piero first 5 letters of my last name m first initial j middle initial 3 because it the first year of college..03.. this is my school given ID
  12. D|psh|t, [email protected], Fcukwad, @sshat and about 200 other appropriate nicks were all rejected by the powers that be.

    After two months of trying to get an account here with a suitable nick, I just said fcuk it and typed in the name you see now. This one worked. Doesn't make any sense, but I only have so much patience.
  13. Disgustipated is the 10th track on the album "Undertow" by Tool. Tool is my favorite band, and that is a sweet word.
  14. I'm a ****ing genius named Nick.

    And, my normal username Sir Not Appearing was too long IIRC.
  15. take a wild guess
  16. Ummm.... I'm from Canada and I have a Stang...
    Ya I know it's a boring name but everything cool that I thought of was either rejected or it was taken already, after trying for 20 friggen minutes I stuck in CanadaStang and it was accepted.
  17. I don't think I really have to spell it out, but.. T orch R ed 03 Mach1
  18. Henceforward my car will be faster.
    Henceforward I will spend more money.
    Henceforward the mod bug will continue to bite.

    def. hence·for·ward

    adv : from this time forth; from now on; "henceforth Henceforward's 5.0 will be faster"

    You didn't get to make your own ID? We did. :banana: