What does your screen name mean?

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  1. <--- My nickname since my real name is "too long" to say!
  2. My middle name is Joe and I smoke alot of cigars so I'm a smokin joe!
    LV= Las Vegas
    Mustanggt = my car
  4. Bumping old threads :nono:

    See sig for screen name meaning
  5. stangless was taken, so I put stang|ess :).

    and I made the name when I didn't have a stang. now I use black04gt
  6. holy hell, i remember making this thread over a year ago! haha, funny
  7. Blue -color of the car
    XTC - what I think the car is - pure hapiness
  8. :nice:
    I use Tool-grl everywhere but here
  9. :eek: two names?!?!?


  10. Team Ford

    Since I'm an owner I feel like Im part of the Team, I work in the R&D department testing tire traction street light to street light.:nice:
  11. Doc --- Since I'm a psychologist everyone always callin' me Doc (although I don't have my PhD yet)..

    G -- my first name is Greg

    2828 -- cuz I was 28 and plain ol' DocG is taken on so many places already. But I'll always be DocG something!
  12. Well as you can see in my sig i USED to have a 95 gt but i wrecked it and my name was my95gtstang *very obvious* my *mine* 95 *year* gt *gt* stang *stang* haha, and its my email address and ive had it for so long and i used it for alot of things so yeah just stuck....

  13. No kidding.
  14. Mine is an old nickname that goes back almost 20 years, My first name is Jason, so all my friends back then(and now) called me "Voorhees" from the Friday the 13th movies.
  15. My gt is for street use only.
  16. Mine was given to me... Some of you might remeber the old Apple II computers and when Castle Wolfenstien first came out. I used to spend hours playing that game.

    One of the quarks to the game was that if you snuck up behind the guards and stabbed them then there would be no alert and the other guards would never be alerted. I got good at it. My fellow Castle Wolfenstien nerds dubbed me "Dagger" which was later changed to "Daggar" (due to a series of books that I can no longer remember), and it stuck.

    Anyway... I've had that handle since 1983 or 84.

  17. Hmmmmmm.... so how does that make you feel? :scratch:
  18. dope= rap group called south park mexicans that had the record label dopehouse records and on one of their skits on the cd they answer their phone dopehouse and I started doin it and thats what my peeps at suny oswego call me. DopeHouse...nothing to do with marijuana for me but the rap group yes.

    and the rest you know

    also my friends have dope as the first part of their license plates

    like dope sc1, dope pgt was my old one and i was gonna get dope97gt but hopefully in the spring it will be dope svt.
  19. ^^^^^ What a dope