What electric fan are you guys running? Having trouble locating a GENUINE MOTORCRAFT!


New Member
Nov 15, 2019
colbert ga
I'm finally up running been doing some data logging . tuner has fan coming on at 180 but i have a 195 thermostat. car wants to level out at about 210 which id be fine with but if get in traffic or stop it starts to creep up seems to just keep rising slowly. the fan on mine is an aftermarket used by body shop when i hit a deer , i have a Mishimoto aluminum radiator new water pump hoses. i do have a cx racing intercooler mounted to bumper has air space between it and radiator. also B&M transmission cooler mounted to radiator .I still have GT bumper cover which limits airflow .I'm wondering if you supercharged guys are running any extra fans or what your set up is.Thanks in advance
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