what ever happened with the volvo DOHC swap?

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  1. yea i remember badmtherfcker or something was doing a DOHC from a volvo and putting it on our motor....did he give up? ran outta cash? it was looking pretty sexy, and just wanted to know what happened to it, so if anyone knows let me hear about it
  2. ya i believe he got it running check out turboford.net
  3. No money, i went nuts making it look pretty then went on a vacation. now im catching back up but ontop of that i had to put all my tools, mill , lathe, welder , plasma cutter and ect. into storage. There are aprox 15 Volvo heads running and one hit 720HP on the dyno but couldnt stop spining its wheels. He has stock cams,valves but went to solid lifters and ported...........Hal
  4. 720 on stock internals???
  5. I need one of those bad
  6. No...pretty much nothing stock...
  7. when you have a volvo head swap on a 2.3t, I doubt that the bottom end is stock, or anything else.
  8. what is the Average HP on a volvo head swap?
  9. of the guys ive chatted with who have done teh swap and dyno'd (that will talk) none were under 300hp 4 were over 400 hp and 1 over 500 hp....

    "when you have a volvo head swap on a 2.3t, I doubt that the bottom end is stock, or anything else."

    well im that sorry sap who has all stock internals and i think Colin has all stock internals on his swap too. Phils engine is a 2.3 turbo block, 2.5 stock ford crank,after market rods and pistons....The head has stock cams,vlaves,but uses VW solid lifters,and comp cams 4.6 beehive springs.
    my engine ill build for the Volvo head next is the same as Phils. but ill have titanium rods and the Diamond pistons for the swap............Hal
  10. whatever happened to MikeSVOR?
  11. not sure, i have his site saved but he hasnt posted in a long time..i think some drama happend on TF with him?? im not real sure.......Hal
  12. Was curious about his car
  13. So what, is this a turbo mod or can you do it to a n/a car? and what all is involved?

  14. the Volvo head on a NA 2.3 would be light years ahead of a ported iron head. i know i know wheres the proof. wheel the flow alone rivals the ARCA head up to 400 lift and with porting im sure the ARCA will be barely ahead. not to mention as is it (the Volvo) has better low end flow totaly stock and would help over all drive ability...............Hal
  15. but with all necessary hardware, is it a "basic" bolt on? (I know modifying anything is not a basic bolt on but bare with me)

  16. well the way i mod the Volvo head you can drop it directly on a stock block. about 6-7 of the running Volvo head 2.3s have stock pistons too....i cut my pistons with valve reliefs but wish i didnt now. i will use Diamond custom pistons in my real Volvo head engine...once you mod the head, make the intake and header itll drop right on.Mitsu timing belt,crank gear spacer,aux gear spacer,and bushings to adapt Ford cam pullies to the Volvo cams............Hal
  17. you should put together a write up. tons of people would be interested in this.
  18. hell ya, and if you do this for a job, then maybe pm me a price, im interested in that twin turbo set up you had going on the one i saw from your pics
  19. I would be VERY interested in the write up myself. I am in the position now to begin my 2.3T Project once again. Over the Winter I plan to get the body of my Hatch re-done and find the T5 I need to put in behind a new powerplant.
  20. ill look for a link, there have been a few write ups on the work already. i just made adapters to use teh Ford adjustable cam pullies instead of having customones made. I had posted in a few places about the full conversion for the Volvo head. my cost for just a bolt on head,timing belt,pulley adapters,all spacers is 350.00, if you need valve job or anything else will be extra. for a full custom intake,header, will be 1500.00. thats bolt on you add your turbo fit the DP then mod the upper hose and turbo oil drain. all other water lines will work like normal..............Hal