what ever happened with the volvo DOHC swap?

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  1. What is the HP difference between the DHOC and the SOHC on a SVO motor though?
  2. the lowest HP #s i got from a swap guy is 320hp........Hal
    If you can really get that kind of a power boost for 1500, you WILL be hearing from me in 6 months, guaranteed. Let me get my turbo project finished up, and I will start saving up the cash. Holy crap that's gt killer potential right there. I'd make ricers eat their stick on roof scoops.
  4. nice, did you recieve my pm about the cost of the build?
  5. ill check my PM soon.. as for the HP. back over a yr ago i chatted with 8 of the 12 (at that time) runnign Volvo head cars. like i said the lowest i heard was 320 HP and 4 more in the high 300 range. 3 in the mid 400HP range and one low 500HP...now Phil came out and busted them all down with his 720 dyno burn out HP..lol
  6. So on a n/a car would this be a good swap? Or would it be a useless waste of time until an addition of a turbo?
  7. I'd bet you would be extrememy pleased with the results of the head on a n/a engine.
    Ive always kept the volvo head swap idea in the back of my mind incase I ever pick up a 2.3L again. What year and model cars do you find the head on?
  8. well finaly i was able to do a lil more to my whip yo. (Thnkyou to 40Bob) I bought an intake since i cant make anything for a while and now i need to it some where so i can finish the IC pipes,fuel lines,regulator,upper radiator hose,lower hose,and lil details then ill be ready to run..YAY..sux my dad will be in town from Kansas next weekend and i think ill be too taxed for cash this weekend to do much anyways enjoy and laugh at my aging out dated now project...........Hal



  9. No worries, it'll be worth the wait.
  10. Is the head a direct bolt on or is there some modification involved? (meaning with the water passages and the head bolts?) What years and models did this head come on and also what had to bedone with the ignition?

  11. +1
    the car club i started at my school is | | this close to buying a 2.3L mustang II (underdog X 2!!! lol)

    i saw this thread and brought it up, and alot of people liked the idea
  12. the head drops on a stock 2.3 block. i mod the head for all water and oil passages. i use undercut ARP head studs and made spacers for the 3 on the intake side where is a lil shorter.
  13. fknbadfkr, read your pm's i am very interested in a response from ya.
  14. wow thats simply badass!!
    Would love to see a dyno chart on one. :nice:
  15. This sounds like an awesome swap. Looks like I'll have to keep an eye out for volvos at the yard.

    btw, with a custom valve cover you could easily make this look like that SVO engine.
  16. '89-'90 Volvo 740GLE B234F engine

    I would also like to know what has been done about ignition. Just use the existing distributor with custom wires?
  17. Is this head aluminum or iron? If AL then ill be drooling more than ever over it
  18. Its an aluminum head.... The ignition is stock Dizzy with Accel wires, i bought the 8.8 custom fit and can make two sets from the V8 kit. they fit under the stock wire cover and run behind teh head under the intake so noone has to see them. very smooth and clean install..........Hal
  19. Are you still willing to modify the volvo heads to sell? If so I'll be contacting you shortly.