what ever happened with the volvo DOHC swap?

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  1. im willing to do so but itll take a lil more time i have to do all the work using others tools till i move
  2. would one work on a DP 2.3?
  3. yeah it will fit any turbo or non turbo 2.3 Ford iron block
  4. i think he is asking if you would be able to route the exhaust side wires and plugs if you did the DOHC swap. I'm curious as well, see'ing how i have a 92 2.3 DP n/a motor i would like to modify as well as a 2.3T i'd like to do the swap to as well
  5. exactly:nice:
  6. I doubt the gains it would bring on an N/A motor would be worth the cost.
  7. never know unless ya try it first!
  8. You guys crack me up...don't you think if you don't know what to do with the extra set of plug wires when converting from 8 plugs to 4 (which is the SMALLEST of problems you would be dealing with) then you may be a little ahead of yourselves?

    Not slammin', just making an observation...
  9. I am dohc ignorant, I am sure I can get around the extra set of plug wires, I've seen write ups on it for turbo purposes, but you never really know unless you ask. lemme put on my flame suit. I know I am gonna catch hell for being so ignorant.
  10. Using a Cosworth Twin/Cam head from the 70's on a 2.0 made 250hp. No Turbo on my Dads '67 Sunbeam Alpine that he converted back in the Mid-70's using a Pinto 2.0 engine. The Volvo head looks about the same as the Cosworth head.
  11. lol, when i get this done, it will first be on a turboblock, and i will also be paying fknbadfkr to do it too, lol i know i cant do it
  12. i figure with standalone even on a NA engine the Volvo head should be a great upgrade...the flow #s are way higher then stock, The ARCA NA engines are around 310-320 HP and this out flows up to 400 lift. I know the ARCA uses a lot bigger cam to get that power and this would drop off some but hell with some work a 185-200HP street NA motor is not of the question with the Volvo head 2.3................Hal
  13. It runs, ran very nice and smooth ,something has to be wrong..LMAO had an oil leak issue and fixed it so now i just have to add teh Intercooler pipes then ill let you all know how it handles boost and take a few videos.........Hal
  14. Hal,

    Please keep us all updated. I am interested in this modification as well. I am pleased to see that the 2.3 community has options other than the overpriced head that Essie sells. Thank you for sharing the knowledge!
  15. well i have a setback..its all my fault. I didnt have the tensioner set on the timing belt just had the pulley tightend holding it...well the engine back fired and jumped time..i should have it back together this weekend a few new intake valves and YAY!!!..lol............Hal
  16. Woah that's not good. I read up on a guy that did something similar. He had the timing set wrong and the engine pretty much blew up. #4 piston was gone and the block had holes that it should not have had.

    Did you do all the weld work on the head yourself? Mainly around the areas where it is short when bolted down to the block? And did it have to be milled to make sure it did not warp because of the welding? Thanks! Please post up pictures when you get the chance.
  17. I friend of mine welded it for me..i made the block, fiteed everything and after welding i milled it flat again. luckily it didnt kill a piston just bent 2 intake valves. the belt was loose and someone was helping and change my timing (i can phase the dizzy from my computer) and well they went too far and it back fired and spun backwards. when it did that it jumped time and stopped...hell itll still run back in time but it spits fire out the intake..LMAO...Ill have it fixed when money comes back. i lost 3grand becouse someone wrote me a bum check and im not working for now so the car is my last worry............Hal
  18. dohc cost

    someone just wrote 1500 for this mod are you guys building these or is this an estimated number ????
  19. I am the one saying 1500.00 for a whole kit....Hal