what ever happened with the volvo DOHC swap?

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  1. I have heard from guys on TF that this is an involved swap to do.Not a simple bolt on job but lots of fab work because the Volvo head is shorter than the Ford 2.3L block.
  2. From what I know the head only bolts on. Work is needed to make it work so yes it is an involved project.

    Still also curious how far MikeSVOR got on his
  3. If you go to turboford.net these projects are completed and running with pics or vids.
  4. need pics and video. if any one has one running good ect can u contact me.
  5. How about this?? i have over 90 miles on it sofar and will show more and nicer Videos in a week or so..and no if you buy the kit from me its basicly a bolt on...and if you do it your self its not hard either......off boost power is worth it alone..im boosting about 7PSI and its very fast after i tune it beter (and get seat adapters) ill beat the crap out of it and do a nice fast video..................Hal

  6. Have you fixed your A/F ratio yet? on the video it shows a 20:1 mix, and in the end, how much was it to mod the head to work?
  7. His a/f ratio is only in the high teens/20's on decel, which is how it's supposed to be. the injectors shut off on decel which raises the a/f. If he was coasting down the road, it would read 28.7% oxygen or whatever the atmosphere is...
  8. FknBadFkr iam very intrested in buying a kit to do this, the intake and turbo manfold (sp?) i can fab. could u contact me with priceing and what else id need ect. i sent you a pm all ready.