What exactly does the stock alarm do?!?!?

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  1. hey there,

    The stang comes with an alarm which flashes "theft" on the display. What exacty does it do? if someone breaks the window and opens the door will it "honk" away? Or is that just for the security chip on the key feature? Should I invest on an additional alarm? :shrug:


  2. Its just for the key security thing. A viper alarm is a good investment
  3. Actually it will alarm if the door is opened, I know when I was doing my speakers I had to run to the store in the middle of it and since I didn't have the electrical window buttons hooked up I put my alarm on cause the window wasn't able to roll up. Came back to the car and opened it by reaching in and grabbing the handle, yeah the alarm went off.

    it is a passive alarm, it will not detect someone hitting it or anything but it will alarm once the door opens without the key. and the ignition system will not work either. If you broke the window and climbed in it wouldn't alarm.
  4. Well I have done that before when my window was down. I just hit the unlock button on the door and opened it from teh outside and nothing happened. :shrug:
  5. thkz alot for the replies guys. I'll try putting the alarm with the window down and then reaching and pulling the handle. then i might look into some other security options.
  6. well i tried what GREENBIOCH did but nothing happened. I sat inside the car, turned on the alarm and pulled the handle....nothing happened. I guess my alarm is a dud! :)
  7. i'm not 100% sure but i think that the "alarm" that comes stock is just a flashing light to scare off theives, but you can upgrade to a real alarm which greenbioch probably has.
  8. Yesterday I locked the car w/ the key fab, but then came back, and unlocked the door w/ the key, and the alarm went off.
  9. Mine does that too, and I still have a factory alarm.