what exhaust system

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  1. what is yalls exhaust setup yall are running? Im fixing to buy a 99 Mustang V6 and i know im gonna want an exhaust on it. im new to the V6 and well the modular v8's so i was wondering do the 3.8's sound as good as the 4.6's with the same exhaust? or is it like the old pushrod v8s like im used to where the v6's dont sound the same as the v8s with the same exhaust....

    long story short whats yalls exhaust setup? and maybe some sound clips?
  2. bumpity bump
  3. my 99 has a blower but i had a custom exhaust ran. tru duals. no crossover. 2 cats and 2 resognators. by far the best sounding v6 out there it doesnt sound like a six. i am accused all the time for having a 4.6. also i have bbk shorties which helped the sound smooth out istead of beeing choppy like everyone elses v6
  4. Above mentioned sounds sweet. I have thought about the same and posted the consideration before.
    I (of course) have the best sounding exhaust, unique to my car. I have all of the bolt-ons, dyno tuned, with 3.73 gears which all manipulate the tone of the exhaust.
    All 4 cats, divorce duals, 2.25" midpipe until about 10" before the mufflers where it ups to 2.5" pipe feeding the mufflers, dual Flowmaster 10 mufflers, 2.5" tail pipe with 3.5" Borla tips.
    Its not a set up for everyone but sounds out of this world on my car. You'd have to see it to believe it.
  5. YouTube is a good place to start checking out different set ups and combinations. Both of the above exhausts mentioned sound amazing, and obviously to each his own. I am running and O/R Xpipe, 2 Flowmaster super 44s and flowmaster 3 inch tips. I used 2.25 piping all the way around until the tips because with the V6s you can lose some low end torque if you use bigger piping. O/r midpipes can sound a bit ricey at high rpms, but sound amazing at anywhere under 3000. So like i said just check out YouTube and when you hear something you like, go for it.